Saturday, 2 February 2013

So sorry I missed the blog yesterday.  Internet connections in our rooms are spotty at best and I was just to darn lazy to walk to the reception area last night.  Yesterday was a fairly quiet day.  Another day of rain and cool, however, we did make the most of it.  Went to the morning yoga class   The fellow that teaches it is excellent and really puts us through our paces.  It is really pleasant doing your yoga in the palappa on the beach.  Jenifer and I decided to go to a pottery painting class.  There we were sitting painting our projects for a good couple of hours with a bunch of 10 year olds.  I was determined to be patient and do a good job but alas I quickly came to be reminded an artist I am not!  I was way slower than Jenifer and her spoon turned out way better than my bowl.  On the plus side, however,  the little Mexican girl who was looking after the activity took our projects home and "fixed" them a little.  Neither Jenifer, nor I confessed this to Bill and Gary and they were both quite impressed with the job we had done.  Hmmmmm..... Also hit the gym yesterday.  I am trying to get  back to my weights and bike riding.

Today a much better day. Bill and I were awake earlier than usual and decided to go for a walk on the beach.  Gary and Jenifer have done this most mornings before breakfast but we generally have found ourselves sleeping later than them.  The beach was beautiful this morning and I had some fun playing with some of the things I had learned in my photography course.

After breakfast we decided to take a drive and look for a Cenote to visit.  We ended up going to Azul Cenote.  Azul was quite different than the Cenote Bill and I visited on a previous trip to Mexico.  This Cenote was on the surface, whereas the other one we had been to you had to rappel down into a cavern beneath the ground surface.  The water at Azul was crystal clear and was full of Catfish and Snappers.  It was fun to snorkel there but I was happy to have my wetsuit jacket as it was a little on the cool side.  When we arrived we had the place to ourselves but about 45 minutes later a family arrived with several excited, noisy kids!  We were quite thankful we had finished our snorkelling because I don't think we would have seen much in the way of fish with all the splashing and kicking these little guys were doing.  On the plus side, it was fun to watch their huge enthusiasm!!!

The green things you see in the water are not algae.  They are actually rocks on the bottom of the Cenote.  That is how clear the water was!

We returned to the resort after our swim and headed down to the beach as the sun was shining!  When we got to the beach we discovered a Zumba class in progressan but today participants were in the ocean with the instructors on the beach.  There we were trying to do the steps and keep in time while being pummelled by the surf!  I was just about knocked off my feet several times but it was great fun!
Finished that class and headed up for lunch then back to the beach to go sailing.  The winds were much tamer today and we had no problems and the Mexican fellow who is generally very miserable actually was semi pleasant today.

Gary and Jenifer went kayaking but we decided to pass on that.  Spent some time people watching and believe me, there is lots to look at!  Canadians and english speaking people are in the minority at this resort with there seemingly being a large number of people from Argentina.    In any case, as I mentioned in a previous blog, the thong is definitely the fashion statement here and it does not seem to matter what size you are.  I am including a picture of the male version here but out of respect for my fellow females will abstain from posting some of the incredible female versions I spent time gawking at!
Finished off the day with a Mexican meal which seems fitting for our final night in Mexico!
It's been a great holiday but time to return to the realities of life at home!


  1. I spy with my little eye, not 1 but 2 thongs!

  2. Jim wants to know if that is Bill!!!!!!!