Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Just got back from my chemo at the Tom Baker.  One down, two to go....hopefully.  The plan at this point is three chemos then another scan.  Then fingers, toes, eyes crossed everything gone!  That would be the fantastic best!!!  Today had an upbeat seat mate.  This fellow was diagnosed four years ago with colon cancer.  For two years he went to his doctor complaining of various symptoms and the doctor just kept putting him off saying he didn't think they were anything to be concerned about.  So different than my doctor thank goodness.  After two years of continued problems the doctor finally said that perhaps being as he was close to 50 they should send him for a sigmoidostomy.  Sure enough he had colon cancer.  It was so far advanced that they virtually sent him from the test to surgery.  They basically told him he had two years to live.  It is now in both lungs and he is four years out.  He really looks healthy and not at all like a cancer patient, has gone back to work and continues to live life big!  Just got back from a week long trip to Disneyland with his daughter and grandsons.  As we chatted we discovered he is somehow related to my cousins Moms' family and had the same last time.  We chatted more and I announced to Bill that I wanted to ride in the Ride To Conquer Cancer this year.  Bill doesn't think I should do this...."burns too many calories!"  He is so fixated in me gaining weight!  I'm doing my best! Did meet my goal in Mexico and managed to gain my two pound goal!  We continued to have this conversation back and forth about whether or not I should be contemplating this.  I even said..."I won't do the whole thing if it's too much.  I'm not proud......if I need a ride I'll catch a ride!"  Finally I looked at Rob and said "What do you think?"  (of course I had already figured out what this guy was going to answer because I knew he had the same attitude about living your life fully as I do!)  He looked at me and said "Go for it and I'll sponsor you!"  So I got my first sponsor!  Still haven't signed on the dotted line and put my money down but I'm close to becoming a Honey Badger myself!  The team is already up to 15 people with most of the riders on our team back from last year!  Geoff is well into his fund raising and Bill's brother is almost there!  Keeners!!!  Even watching them slog it through the rain last year I had this urge to be there with them and it's been in the back of my mind every since......
Will keep you posted!  May wait til I have my scan before I fully commit.....may not.....depends on the day!

I was not looking forward to going to chemo this morning but it wasn't so bad.  Geoff was at the hospital working and dropped in for a nice visit.  He was there until Kelli arrived and then Bill came.  I am so lucky.  So many people go to their treatments alone but I always seem to have people there to take my mind off of what they are pumping into my veins!  Today was probably my last good hair day!  It has actually grown back over the past few weeks and looks much better than it did when I was in my last round of treatment.  Guess I can always pull out my wig again if I need it.  May actually use it this upcoming weekend.  We are supposed to go to my friend Colleens' daughters' wedding providing I'm feeling good.  Hard to say how things will go.  I usually do have a few tired days after treatment.  On my last round I was quite sick but hopefully with the break and my improved liver things will go back to how they were prior to the surgery.

Kelli has now changed her phone number over to a Calgary number  She gave me her number a couple of days ago, however, it would appear I inputted it into my phone incorrectly!  Last night I was pooped and was madly looking for my Kindle charger and my computer charger.  Could not find them anywhere.  I was sure Bill had put them away somewhere, although he insisted he hadn't touched them.  Finally in exasperation I sent Kelli a text which made absolutely no sense.  I am actually going to write the conversation down for you....it is quite amusing.  Of course I was sending all these texts to the wrong number I had put into my phone!

Last Nights text:  (the first message I didn't even read until this morning....I was incoherent! Not a good start to the conversation with a stranger.  They must have really wondered!)

(me)  Dud I happen to borrow a computer charger today.  I've misplaced mine.
(them) Who's this?

This Mornings text conversation:

(me)  No keys here.  Check your pockets and purse.

(them)  Who's the hell is this?  You have the wrong number!!!

(me)  It's Mom!  What the hell?????

(them) Not my mother!!!  YOU HAVE THE WRONG NUMBER!!

So at this point I decide I've been sending my messages to Kelli's old number.  I then go into my contact list and send my next text to what I think is her new Calgary number.

(me)  Oh this is too funny!  Someone else already has your old number!  You should see the text conversation I have been having with this pissed off person!!!  Hilarious.  No keys....check your pockets.  You must have them!!

(them)  WHAT R U TALKING ABOUT???  I've had this number for four years!!!  You have the WRONG number.  My number is........

At this point I realized I had been sending all my messages to the wrong number I had inputted into my contact list.

(me)  Very sorry.  Have a NICE DAY!!!  Won't bother U again.
           signed....someone elses Mom

(them)  LOL  No worries...Just didn't want to get somebody in trouble for not listening to their mom.!!

This is not the first time I have done something like this.  Had a similar conversation with someone I thought was my cousin's husband, Gerry awhile back.  I puzzle, however at how angry people get.
I do have to share one more phone story with you though and my cousin is going to kill me for this!!!
A few years back Trish and Gerry hosted their sons hockey windup party at their home.  After the guests had left, Trish discovered her phone was missing and immediately decided that someone had stolen it.  A couple of days went by and she got this brilliant idea that she would phone her own number and confront the thief!  A male voice answered the phone and Trish said "Ahh haa.....You are a thief....I want my phone back or I'll be calling the police!"
The male voice answered "What the hell are you talking about lady....you are crazy!"
For a few days Trish continued to phone and harass this individual.  A few days later, while cleaning up she found her phone.  She had been calling the wrong number all along and was accusing some poor innocent guy of stealing her phone.  She's lucky he didn't call the police on her!  We laughed so hard over that one!!!  (Sorry Trish....but this one was too good not to tell! I still laugh out loud when I think about it...!!!)

So going to lay easy for a couple of days.  Hoping Bill will go pick up my black side kick tomorrow.  The house is definitely quiet without him although I'm certain he's not complaining!  Life is good in the country!!!!

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