Saturday, 9 February 2013

No wedding for us this weekend.  I'm feeling a little better for sure but just didn't think heading to Edmonton for the weekend was a good plan for me given the week I've had.

Really haven't done much today.  Bill's brother, Dick, dropped by on his way through to Canmore so we had a nice visit with him.  I actually slept for an hour this afternoon which is a rare occurrence for me.  When I dozed off the sun was shining and I thought to myself I should be out having a walk.  When I woke up it was blizzarding!  So I did my walk in the snow.  Fortunately the skies cleared as we were walking and we had one of those gorgeous walks in the ravine with just a skiff of fresh snow on everything and the sun sparkling on the newly fallen snow.  It was beautiful!

Bill wanted it duly noted in the blog that he did the first walk on Boomer's arrival home yesterday.  This is something Bill usually avoids like the plague as Boomer has this need to mark absolutely every blade of grass and bush just to let all the other dogs in the neighbourhood know he's home.  It is unbelievable and I marvel at how he can pee 25 or 30 times on a short loop around the block.  Now that's good bladder control if you ask me!

Geoff and Lindsey have headed down to Whitefish for the weekend to celebrate Lindsey's birthday tomorrow.  Hopefully they have some new snow there.  Doesn't seem to be a lot of fresh snow anywhere at the moment.  I can hardly wait for the first day the snow falls and it's not too cold.  I'm planning to hit the slopes.  I have been reading about my friend Kims' ski trips with great envy and have this urge to get out there and try my hand at it too.  I don't like to refer to these activities as my bucket list but rather as things I miss and want to do.  Geoff and Lindsey gave us a night in Banff so we may combine the skiing and the stay together.  It seems strange that I now have the luxury of skiing mid week after years of enduring the weekend crush.  I don't imagine I'll do a great deal of skiing but am anxious to give it a go.  Slowly, I am claiming back some of the activities that I enjoyed before I got sick.  I realize that I will not be able to participate to the same level as pre-cancer, however, I also realize that that's not what's important.  Living life, enjoying life, celebrating the joys with family and friends....that's what it's all about.  Take it for what it is!

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