Monday, 4 February 2013

Back to the realities of winter and life revolving around my "little bother".  We had a great couple of weeks with our friends Gary and Jenifer.  Had a few rainy days but even those didn't seem bad and we always seemed to find things to do.  We actually all got some exercise and Bill and Gary found a running route they really enjoyed!  I was thinking this morning about the trips we have done with thse friends over the years and they are many and varied.  Our friendship started, as many do, with the friendship of our sons.  We have spent many weeks out at their beautiful place in the Shuswap over the years.  Together, sometimes with family, sometimes without, we have hiked the West Coast Trail, Kayaked the Broken Group Islands and the Queen Charlotte Islands, hiked the Chilcoot Trail, done a couple of golf jaunts in our fifth wheel, cycled the Kettle Valley (twice), the San Juan Islands (once), from Jasper to Lake Louise (once)  and have enjoyed numerous ski holidays.  I'm sure I've missed a few in there but we certainly have had some good trips and holidays over the years!

Got up yesterday morning and threw the last of our gear into our bags, headed to the breakfast buffet for the last time and then headed off towards Cancun in our rental car.  About five minutes into the ride, Jenifer and I discovered the guys could not remember where the rental car agency was.  We had arrived to Cancun after dark and nobody paid a lot of attention when we left the rental lot.  I never pay attention so I'm not to blame in this one!  In any case it wasn't as bad as it sounds.....we did take one run past the turn off but found it and arrived with plenty of time to spare.  We have heard such horror stories about renting cars in other countries.....we had even photographed every nick and dent before we took the car in the first place but there was no need.  They took it back with no hint that we had damaged it.  When Geoff and Lindsey were in Jordan, they rented a car from Avis.  On the first day they got a flat tire, went to change it and discovered the spare was also flat so called the rental company to come and fix it for them.  It took them two days to get there.  When they arrived they jacked the car up, took the tire away and returned a few hours later to find the car had tipped over.  Go figure ... what do you think is going to happen when you jack it up in sand. Jack Asses!  They then accused Geoff of "pushing" the car over.  He looked at them in amazement and said "Why would I do that?  I want to drive it?"  They were very angry but agreed he would get a credit for the two days he could not drive the car.....You guessed it though.  Full charges came through on his Master Card and how do you battle that one once you are back in Canada?

Anyways....we were at the airport three hours early and found ourselves in a massive lineup for check in.  West Jet is doing very well with their flights in and out of Mexico!  Had our last opportunity to check out Mexican souvenirs in the airport which seems to be the only place you can shop in Mexico without being hassled to buy.  We actually spent a grand total of $26 on take home stuff.  After you've been there a time or two you realize there really isn't much you want to bring home.  Our flight ended up being delayed about an hour which made for a very long day indeed.  The flight was rather uneventful. The lady sitting next to me had the worst sun burn on her legs thatI have ever seen and spent much of the trip applying aloe vera.  She appeared to be very uncomfortable and was a bit of an annoying seat companion as she just couldn't sit still.  Oh well...if that's all I've got to complain big deal, right?

Geoff picked us up at the airport.  I was absolutely bagged and went straight to bed thinking I was going to sleep like a rock.  No such luck.  Had the worst sleep I've had in weeks.  Perhaps I'm fretting a little about the week ahead.  Not really looking forward to getting back to the chemo stuff again but know it is necessary to continue to meet this head on in battle mode.  Just have to get my head back into that space.  It has been such a lovely break from hospitals and routines.

Off to get my bloodwork done this morning (Monday mornings are the worst! Everyone seems to be at the hospital!)  then will do the usual things one does on returning from holidays....Groceries, laundry, pay bills........back to the real world!!!

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