Thursday, 7 February 2013

Yesterday was a little rough.  Tried a couple of new drugs to counteract the nausea.  They seemed to help although the one with gravel left me completely out of it for the most of the day.  Spent most of the day snoozing in my chair and even when I tried to watch Nashville I kept dozing off.  Was in bed by 9 PM and didn't get up until 9 AM so have had a ton of sleep.  Feeling much, much better today though and finished off on my anti nausea meds for this cycle.  One down, two to go and then fingers, toes and eyes crossed......clear and sailing!

Kelli and Mike had Bill and I and Maureen and Duane over for brunch this morning.  I always tease her that she can't cook but must confess that when she sets her mind to it she is actually a darn good cook.  Kind of like my friend Kathy....make them all think you can't cook and then nobody expects much from you.  For years I thought Kathy couldn't cook and then we were out golfing with her this summer and it turns out she's magnificent in the kitchen!  We lived together back in our just leaving home days and we used to take turns cooking dinners.  One night I came home and said "hmmm...what's for dinner tonight..??"  Her answer "Wieners and beans."  Now who on earth could ever screw up wieners and beans?  I went to the stove, lifted the lid on the pot and couldn't believe my eyes.  She was boiling up a can of kidney beans with sliced wieners.  Sooooo gross!!!  Those were the days when we were always on a strict budget.  We were in Ottawa training at the National Training Centre for badminton and we each got a small allowance from home each month to cover our groceries etc.  The money never seemed to last until the end of the month.  Perhaps some of it was going towards our "entertainment budget".  I can't tell you how many times we went to the grocery store and the clerk would ring through the order and we would look at each other and go "oh, oh.....not enough money."  Well, we would give back the lettuce, and the apples.  Still not enough?  Take the eggs......The clerks used to just roll their eyes and give us the most pained looks.  One day we even resorted to buying a bunch of chicken necks to eat for dinner.  OMG how desperate is that one!  We did survive however and obviously did not starve even though our food selections were at times, questionable to say the least.

Had my hydration session today with nurse Ivy.  Yahoo Ivy!  Got my vein first try!  Must confess she has improved considerably over the months I have been going to the Tom Baker.  We arrived a little early today and as we were sitting in the waiting room we heard "Code Blue, Daycare B"  Not a good sign when you see the doctors all walking briskly in that direction with crash carts etc. and then out comes the chaplain to talk to people in the waiting area.  A nurse finally came out and said there would be a delay as they had had an emergency situation.  Most people just nodded and understood but I overheard the woman next to me say to her companion "Go ask how much longer we are going to be delayed."  Duhhh.....what part of emergency didn't she get.  It never ceases to amaze me how self centred some people are.  So we were at the hospital about twice as long as I wanted to be there but are now home and getting ready to see how the Flames will fare tonight sans Kipper!

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