Thursday, 31 January 2013

Just realized I need to send out my visual for the first day of the month!  Tomorrow, of course is Blancos Conejos Dia.  (White Rabbits Day)  As you can see, I have become fully fluent in the Spanish language since arriving here.  Each morning the maid makes up the room and we get a different creature creation on our beds.  Can you believe she left us a Blancos Conejos!

Today, the clouds are back so we have had a rather laid back day which actually has suited me fine as I have been bitten by a little Montezuma's Revenge myself!  Nothing serious and I'm sure by tomorrow I'll be back to fighting form.  Gary and Jenifer sailed this morning but had the opposite problem today to the one we experienced the other day.  Today the wind just died and they struggled getting in.  Bill and I watched from the shore but the antics of the Mexican in charge of the sailboats and kayaks were far more interesting to watch than the slow progress of the sailors.  He blew his whistle, stamped his feet, threw things on the ground and threw his hands up in disgust!  I'll tell you, he is the unhappiest Mexican I have run into down here but his behaviour is so childish and churlish it is amusing.  Today, Jenifer got the lecture because she and Gary were sitting on the same side of the boat.  Can't say I was sorry I missed going out today.  Shortly after they got in, the rain started to come down so we headed up to the water spa and spent some time in the hot pools before lunch.  At lunch the waiter came over to see what we would like to drink  Jenifer ordered ice tea, I had hot tea and Bill asked for five tequilas!  You should have seen the waiters face light up!  Whenever you turn down booze here they seem totally disappointed and in a state of disbelief!  I'm sure they think we are a lazy bunch of drunks!  Bill quickly changed his mind which was a huge disappointment to the waiter but we did tell him...."tomorrow!"  We'll have to be sure to sit in a different section at lunch time tomorrow.

Still hoping to do a side trip to a Cenote but only have two days left so want a hot sunny day for that activity.  We have one picked out....just need the weather to cooperate!

So Blancos Conejos All!!!!  Beuonos Dias!

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  1. I live vicariously through your wonderful photos.