Friday, 8 February 2013

Woke up this morning still feeling a little flat.  Didn't sleep all that well again, probably due to the dexamethazone.  Fortunately, yesterday was my last day on that so hopefully will sleep better tonight and will feel better tomorrow.  Have decided to bale on the wedding in Edmonton. Just not feeling up to it and with heading into my low blood count period, probably a wedding with 400 people in attendance might not be the best move for me.  I feel bad as I was looking forward to it and Colleen is such a good friend but really don't think I'd be the life of the party this weekend. When I accepted the invite I had no idea I would be having chemo that same week which definitely would have made me think twice.   A better move for me is to stick around home, get in a few walks and take it easy.  Will have to enjoy the wedding through the pictures.

Bill drove out to pick Boomer up from Kim and Greg today.  Believe it or not he had an encore of his last trip out to pick up the dog.  A truck roared past him and threw up a rock and hit his windshield.  So we're two for two on windshields!  Hard to protect yourself on those gravel roads when idiots drive on them like they are in an Indy 500 car race!

Of course Boomer arrived home in his usual state.  A little tired and a lot sulky!  I have to laugh....Jenifer picks her dog up from the dog sitter and the dog can hardly wait to get home.  Our Boomer is just the opposite when he's with Kim and Greg.  When we leave him with others he's always happy to come home but he adores them and their beautiful retriever Wyatt.  Here's a sad picture taken this afternoon in my kitchen....just to give you a visual of the sulk!

 I had a quiet day and will hit the sack early again tonight.  Hoping to be feeling much better in a day or so.

Just thought I'd post this on  behalf of the Honey Badgers.  If anyone is willing to support the team it would be greatly appreciated.  The team was amazing last year and I'm so proud of them all for signing up for a second time, especially given the horrendous weather conditions they had to endure last year.   At this point it's looking like Geoff, Lindsey and Bill will be riding from my family.

Dear Family and Friends,

Just over a year ago my Mom was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. We were all shocked and confused. This cancer usually effects men over 65, smokers, heavy drinkers, overweight, unhealthy people. My mom did not fall into any of those categories. From the get go my mom kept her chin up and made her mind up, she was going to beat this cancer. It has been a long year and she has never given up. The treatment started with intense chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Once she was finished with that she had one of the most intense surgeries a person could have. The surgeons removed her esophagus and stretched her stomach up to take its place. While in there they removed as many lymph nodes as possible. Despite some complications and a difficult recovery my mom conitinued to live life and never give up. Once recovering from the surgery she was put back on a strict chemotherapy treatment, oral chemo everyday and every three weeks she visited the hospital for some nasty IV chemotherapy. On top of that she had to go in for bloodwork and rehydration on a regular basis. Aside from all that one would have never guessed she was going through all of this as she continued to live life the fullest. A month ago we recieved some good and bad news, mostly good. The remaining cancer in her lymph was gone, the chemo had worked wonderfully. However, the small spot on her liver was resistant to the chemo and had grown. The good news was they thought they might be able to operate, which is extremely rare in metastatic cancer. Just a few days ago my mom went to Edmonton and had the surgery, it was a great success and she is recovering. She has been an amazing inspiration to everyone close to her. Her strength and determination have motivated many of us to make positive lifestyle changes. We are all very hopeful that she has finally beat the cancer and will have many more adventures a head. 

Last year i started the Honey Badgers, i hoped to get a few people together and raise a little money for the great cause. We far exceeded my expectations and raised over $80,000. It was an incredible experience. I am encouraging everyone to join our team and help raise money and awareness to the cause but if you are not able to do the ride please support me or someone on the Honey Badgers. Every dollar counts and is appreciated.

Thanks everyone for your support and stay tuned for updates.

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