Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Saw the Calgary surgeon today.  He is cautious and basically suggested he needed a CAT scan to see more of what he is dealing with.  He also suggested that he wasn't convinced the best thing for me would be the removal of part of my liver.  He is leaning more towards less invasive techniques.  He wasn't sure when I could get the CAT scan but asked if we would go to Canmore or High River at which point we told him I actually have an appointment booked in Edmonton on Friday morning.  He was happy with that.  So our plan at this point is to drive up to Edmonton tomorrow, spend the night, have the CAT scan Friday morning and then meet with the surgeon in Edmonton to see what his recommendations would be. I think given the magnitude of this decision a second opinion is a wise thing to get.   Kelli told me she has sat in on sessions where several doctors look at the same tumour and none of them agree on the best protocol for dealing with it so I fully expect I may get a totally different opinion from this other surgeon.  I am still leaning to having the full on surgery.  I have not gone through this year without the hope of getting rid of the cancer and to me this would be my best case scenario.  Just take it out.  I know it is a big surgery, I know there are risks, I know the cancer could come back but I also think that I need to take the leap if I want to get better.  I do not believe in doing things half way!  So....will see what the CAT scan says and will listen to the Edmonton surgeon and then I shall make up my mind.


  1. Such difficult decisions - I feel for you Leslie and Bill. Go with your heart.

  2. Our thoughts And Prayers Are With You and Your Families~~
    Love Lorna & Brent.