Tuesday, 11 December 2012

I have not relinquished my blog to Kelli yet.  She will take over on Thursday when I go in for my surgery.  Up until then I will keep you all posted on my doings.  Up and at it today.  Bill was in the middle of painting the house on Monday when we got the call about my surgery so his project was to complete the painting before we left for Edmonton.  Although I was "promised" the bathroom reno would be complete by Christmas it has been pointed out to me that it is my fault he has had to renege on that promise.  Guess he's right but it's a renovation that is now going on two years!  In any case I had important things to do too.  Gerry dropped by with a Christmas gift I had had delivered to their place in Whitefish and we had breakfast and a visit.  He left and Dad arrived for a quick hug and a short visit.  Dad left and Maureen and Duane arrived, again a short visit.  Once they were gone I decided to iron my Christmas table cloth and get my last few gifts wrapped and ready.  Even decided to clean the bathrooms.  I'm thinking I had a case of nervous energy!  Bill kept looking at me and kept saying "What the heck are you doing now?"  Just seemed to have the need to keep moving.  We finally finished things up around 12:30, loaded Boomer up and took him over to Jenifer and Garys' and then went to Friends for a quick sandwich.  Margie (the owner) packed us a care package for the road trip to Edmonton.  Bottles of water, juice, ice tea and an assortment of goodies just in case we got hungry on the drive.  She is such a good person.  After I had my first surgery she sent me containers of home containers of delicious home made soup!

We arrived in Edmonton in time for supper.  Dick and Joannes' dog is adorable!  I always talk about Boomer not having a loyal bone in his body.  Maybe I'm the same.  Ben and I have bonded!  He is a Sheltie and is so smart!

We have to be at the hospital at 8 AM tomorrow for 4 hours of pre op stuff then will try to hook up with Colleen for lunch!  Don't know what time my surgery is on Thursday but imagine we will get all those details tomorrow.

Yesterday I was overwhelmed by how many of you took the time to email me or call!  Thanks so much.  I'm not sure if you all understand how much those messages mean to me!  Your prayers, positive vibes, white rabbits, etc. lift me up and give me the resolve to beat this thing!  You are the wings beneath my feet!!!

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  1. YOU are the wind beneath our wings as you move through your "situation" with such optimism and determination to beat this thing! You are an inspiration! Good luck today as you get ready for tomorrow. I look forward to Kelli's blog letting us know how we'll everything went.
    Marilee, Dave, Katy & Brittany