Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Another rollercoaster day.  Dr. Dixons' office called this morning (Calgary surgeon) to tell me I had an appointment to see him tomorrow at 2 PM.  I was quite surprised as my oncologist had told me Dr. Dixon would be out of town until late January and that is why they have been looking for other alternatives for me.  I questioned the receptionist and asked "Isn't Dr. Dixon away?"  She sounded a little surprised and answered a definitive "No."  I then asked if he was going away in the near future and again the reply was "No."  Can't figure that one out at all.  So now here I sit with two appointments, one with the Edmonton surgeon who is supposed to be excellent and one with the Calgary surgeon who also has an excellent reputation.  So I have decided to go to the appointment tomorrow and see how quickly I can get the surgery in Calgary.  If it isn't pronto I will then be on my way to Edmonton on Thursday as they will get it done within the next two weeks.  Phew....things happening quickly but this is a good thing!  I'm just not as naive about surgery as I was the last time so tend to get a little anxious when I start thinking about it too much.
I am now on the "fatten Leslie" wagon again.  You should have seen the bowl of porridge Bill set in front of me this morning.  It was definitely Papa Bear size and was loaded with raisins, coconut, blueberries etc.  I'm getting it from all angles....eat, eat, eat!  So I am doing my best although it is tough when you are never hungry.  Don't think I'm going to put on the weight they would like me to but I will do my best.

Did a little more Christmas stuff today.  I keep thinking I am done, and I am very close and then I realize there are still a few things left to do.  So got a couple more things done today and then met Kelli for pedicures.  We are now both sporting bright red Christmas toes!!!

After the pedicure I went next door to Tail Blazers to pick Boomer up his favorite treat, salmon sticks.  They are the most disgusting, vile smelling thing but he absolutely loves them.  The girl at the store told me they are like crack cocaine for dogs.  A dog will do just about anything for a salmon stick!  When I pull them out and look at Boomer he will do every trick he knows without even being asked.  We looked around the store.  It is your basic organic, health food store for dogs!  You cannot believe the items they provide there.  A few months ago I wrote about the "Esophagus Chews" which I was then accused of having a "sick" sense of humour for.  By the way they still sell those.  Today, however, my eyes caught sight of a new treat.  (see picture below....)  Kelli just rolled her eyes and said "Mom, you have a sick, sick sense of humour."  I actually agree with her!
Let me know if you think this is inappropriate!  Got to get supper going as tonight is my photography course.  We "get" to do the practice exam tonight.  Oh good!  Haven't even glanced at my notes this week.  Sure hope we get to mark our own.

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