Thursday, 20 December 2012

One week out from my surgery and I'm annoyed that I hurt!  Time to start practicing the patience thing. Abdominal surgery is no walk in the park though and I am sore.  The nausea has backed off today.  I was almost afraid to get out of bed this morning and stayed there until after 9 AM, something pretty much unheard of for me.  Pleasantly, other than a couple of mild bouts of queezies I have had a pretty good day.  Quiet for sure.  I basically read my book, napped and ate.  Geoff dropped by with a batch of chicken soup courtesy of Lindsey so lunch was taken care of and Maureen showed up with a Greek lasagne so Bill was off the hook for cooking tonight. The look of relief on his face was something to behold!  Thankyou Maureen.  You are an AMAZING friend and I hope you know how important you are to me.  Then an edible arrangement arrived from Brian and Brenda which is the most perfect of gifts.  A lot of foods have little appeal right now but fruit is one thing I seem to really enjoy.  Appetite is still not great but I ate better today than I have in a week.  Actually ate decent sized portions with no adverse effects.  Hopefully in a day or so I will start doing some slow walks.  Boomer sits and stays at me all day long with this look that says "What the heck is wrong with you?"  Makes me feel total guilty.  Having said that I will also say he is so affectionate and loyal right now spending his day laying beside my chair.  He's such a sweet dog.  Hasn't even pestered me with the ball although I'm sure he would be happy if someone would take out and toss a ball a few times tomorrow!

Kelli, Mike, Geoff and Lindsey are all coming over tomorrow to decorate our tree.  We'll get things Christmassed up her pretty quickly. I think our Christmas is going to be pretty quiet this year but full of gratitude.  Honestly, when I was diagnosed last December, I am pretty each of us wondered if that would be my last Christmas.  So I'm feeling like I'm clearing the hurdles one by one.  They have been big hurdles for sure but so far not insurmountable.  Maureen told me that she and he son Mark had decided I was a super hero who could dodge any bullet heading my way.  I like that thought!

Bill had to go for his doctors appointment today to get the results of his bloodwork etc.  He switched over to my doctor after this all started.  We became very aware that you really don't know how good your doctor is until something happens to you. Dr. Kao probably saved my life with her quick action, this I am convinced of.  I thought it was strange she called him in as I always just got the instruction that "No news is good news."  Only ever had to go back if there was something that showed up in the tests so I was a little taken back, and yes a little concerned when he got the call to come in.  Turns out she reviewed his tests and then wanted to talk about me.

I look forward to Christmas with a happy heart.  All my kids are off!  This is not always the case and although it will be quiet it will be one I think we will long remember.  I think of all the Christmas times I was so stressed by the time the 25th arrived.  This year I think I have finally come to terms with the fact....if it gets done great, if it doesn't no worries......Christmas will happen anyways.  To be surrounded by the people who love me and whom I love back with all my heart and soul is the best gift I could ever ask for.

Tomorrow is our 34th wedding anniversary!  What kind of crazies get married on December 22nd?  Bill and I of course!  And to make it even better it was the last day of school, before the break and I had to work!  Kelli keeps asking what we will be doing and I look at her and say nothing but enjoy each others company.  Not fit for dancing this year I'm afraid.......

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  1. Oh no truer words were ever spoken Leslie - I am trying to absorb the words of "what gets done great and if it doesn't don't worry" Perhaps too late for me this year as I don't think I've had more than 6 hours sleep a night for the last 3 weeks! Now that the kids are off it is time to relax - of course after our annual gingerbread house decorating party with 19 kids decorating at my house tomorrow afternoon - look for the pics on fb tomorrow! I definitely plan on enjoying loving the ones that are dear to me and opening up my heart to receive all of the love I get in return!!!
    And you are super crazy for getting married on December 22nd!!!!