Saturday, 15 December 2012

A new woman this morning.
We showed up this morning to find mom perched on the side of her bed - hair brushed, teeth cleaned and dare I say - perky. The nausea was significantly better today. Holy can this woman, she continues to blow my mind every single day.  She is the world's toughest - and i'm not just saying that!  Today, mom used ZERO pain medication...ZERO.  How is that even possible???  She had her belly opened in two directions and a massive chunk of liver removed...mind over matter???  Mom was even up for a few walks today - pushing her pole, eyes forward, brow furrowed in determination!

Mom's sense of humour isn't broken.  Over the past couple of days we've shared many a chuckle.  In fact, the first thing mom whispered after waking up from a very serious tone was... "Did they do the renovations???"  Today mom's nurse came in to check on her and asked "did you go for a walk?" - mom smiled proudly and answered "yes! now i'm working on a fart!"  It didn't happen today - but we're hoping for a fart party tomorrow!

In all seriousness - mom's doing great.  Tomorrow they are going to start pulling tubes and will allow her to start to eat again!  I know in my heart she will be home for Christmas!  It's going to be the most amazing Christmas ever!


  1. Way to go Leslie!!!! Keep it up!!!!!!

  2. Kelli - your mom's strength never ceases to amaze me. So many things to be thankful for this Christmas!! I know there will be quite the celebration at your family's home. Tell Leslie I think of her daily.
    Love Bernice

  3. This cancer picked the wrong person and family to mess with! For years I have nick named Leslie "Tiger" because of some incidents she has had over the years that draw out her ferocious side as far as letter writing etc. Leslie continues to defy the odds and does this with such grace, humour and strength. She continues to be an inspiration to all of us who have the good fortune to be called her friend. Thanks to you Kelli, Bill, Geoff, Lindsay and Mike for being such awesome support for her while she is going through all of this!
    Love Cheryl

  4. Do not mess with a Tiger!!! Atta girl Les!!!