Friday, 21 December 2012

Well, the end of the world didn't happen as predicted!  Sure would have been pissed off if I'd gone through all of this and that had happened!

Oops, today not my anniversary!  Woke up and wished Bill happy anniversary and he snorted and said I was a day early!  Oh well, at least I didn't forget. Started the day out with a disguised glass of "prune juice".  Bill trying to trick me!
A busy day of visitors.  Started out with Dad, followed by Amber, Trish and Gerry, Kelli and Mike, Geoff and Lindsey and Terry and John! The kids got my Charlie Brown Tree fully loaded with our assortment of ornaments, many of which were gifts from students in years gone by.  I just sat on the couch like the queen bee and barked instructions.

Geoff, Lindsey and Mike all had to work tonight....guess work has been sooo busy right now.  Geoff cannot believe some of the calls he gets for an ambulance.  It is a shame people abuse the system as they do when there are so many people out there who truly need the services of the paramedics.

I have been spoiled all day by friends and family. Cookies from Amber, turkey soup and goodies from Terry and John, a fabulous Christmas centerpiece from Diane and Ross and cinnamon buns from Caroline! Geoff and Lindsey came by to decorate the tree and figured they had hit the jackpot, arriving just minutes after Caroline did her cinnamon bun drop!  Great timing guys!!!!   It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, that's for sure.

I am taking each day slowly.  I don't really feel like walking much so the cold weather is a good excuse to stay indoors in the cozy warmth.  Guess all the kids were freed from school today!  Time for everyone to get down to the business of some serious family time.  Take a moment to hug the one's you love and appreciate every single minute together! Slow the pace and breathe!!!

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  1. Leslie, so happy to hear how great you are doing!!! Have the BEST Christmas ever!!!! Xoxoxox