Saturday, 29 December 2012

A full day for sure and my first since the surgery where I was pretty much on the go all day.  We headed over to Kelli and Mike's this morning to help out with a few little things that come along with moving in.  Great to have a Dad who is also a handy man and loves to do it!  Got some pictures and a mirror hung and tackled the hardwood floors which needed some cleanup after the move in then wandered down the street to a neat little deli for lunch.  Finished there and went to look at some furniture.  The downside to moving into a bigger place is of course you don't have enough furniture to fill it and of course finding what you both like is next to impossible. Bill and I aren't very helpful because we have totally different ideas than Kelli and Mike and need to remind ourselves it's not our home!  Nobody tells us how to decorate our home, nor should we be honing in on their territory.  Easier said than done because it doesn't matter if your kid is ten or twenty-seven.  They are still your kid and you still feel it's your God given right to offer your sometimes unwelcome opinion on things just like this.    In any case we did a little looking around and then dropped Kelli off and headed back to our corner of the city.  Stopped and bought a wedding gift on the way home for a friend's daughter who is getting married in February.  I always try to get on these things sooner than later as I learned long ago if you wait til the last minute all the good gifts that are listed on the registry go quickly and you're left in a pickle as to what to buy.  No such problem today.  They wanted a Margaritaville!  Geoff and Lindsey have one and love it so it was a no brainer!  Nice when shopping goes so easy!  I think I might make it a conditional gift though and tell Keltie that when her Mom and I go to Gull Lake for our girls' golf weekends we get custody of the Margaritaville!  Seems fair to me!

Got home and bundled up and did the tennis court loop again.  Still a slow go but at least I'm doing it and was even thinking today that if the weather stays moderate I may have to head up to Nose Hill and get back to doing my loop there.  I'm pretty much limited to walking and maybe a little stationary bike stuff for six weeks as I am not allowed to lift anything over ten pounds.  Once the six weeks are done though I plan to get back to doing some yoga and will get back to going to the gym.  I was really enjoying my time at the Winter Club before my surgery and look forward to getting back into that routine.

Got back from my walk and decided that I was going to cook a decent dinner tonight.  Had everything ready to go and was making a basting sauce for my salmon.  Well to make a long story short I got things simmering on the stove and then went in search of my maple syrup.  I was having trouble finding it when I became aware there was smoke in the air.  Oh my goodness I had a huge smoke and fire thing going on in my frying pan.  The entire kitchen was full of clouds of smoke.  We had to turn on the fans and open the front doors to the house as well as the doors onto the deck to try to clear things out.  Honestly it was pretty bad!  Hopefully my last cooking disaster of 2012.  At least there was no company here tonight to view the spectacle although many of you have lived through these disasters over the years and I know you get a great laugh out of it at my expense!  I seem to have more than my share of these faux pas in the kitchen.....don't know why!  I could probably write a best seller on "Cooking Nightmares."

So time to sign off and revisit the dinner.  Another good day....another day of feeling just a little better than the day before....I have 21 days to be back to speed!

The doorbell just rang....there was my good friend Caroline with a batch of HOT cinnamon buns just out of the oven.  Thank you my friend....your efforts are sure to be a success on the "plump up Leslie" campaign.  There is only one small problem with all of this....Bill is plumping up too!!!

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