Wednesday, 26 December 2012

A great day all round.  We started off around 9:30, a far cry from the days when the kids were little that's for sure.  Opened our stockings with coffee then had a great breakfast.  Bill got the bird stuffed and the girls looked after the other details.  I was sure I would have blogging material today but quite honestly the day went off without a hitch.  Probably one of the easiest Christmas Days ever from my perspective. I didn't even have to do clean up.   During the afternoon Dad, Geoff, Lindsey and Mike headed out for a bit and Kelli, Bill and I hung out.  It was a quiet day but I loved it!  We were all spoiled rotten on the gift front.  Above you can see a teary Kelli looking at the most amazing cookbook my friend Maureen created for her.  It is a collection of family recipes interspersed with our family photos and is truly amazing.  I know Maureen has worked on this project for almost a year and it was a gift of love and one that brought tears to all our eyes. Such a wonderful gift to collect a families favourite recipes and put them together in this way.  Thank you my friend!  You made our day!  Kathy called me from Gull Lake to thank me for my gift that brought tears to her eyes.  Kath is starting to consider retirement options and thinks she would like to work at the golf course during the summer months as a "cart tart".  I put together an outfit sure to garner her amazing tips.  Fortunately she agrees.  I will attach some photos of her in the outfit!  We had a good laugh over that one, that's for sure!  Pics are a little blurry but you get the idea!  She also has a little tip bank which is a pink piggy bank inscribed with "Tips for Tits."

The girls took Kathy's advice and used a tried and true McGillivray Family secret for amazing turkey gravy.  Grand Marnier......some for the cooks.....some for the gravy!!!

Thank you to my amazing family for making this one of those memorable Christmas times I was talking about the other day.  To have you all here was a gift in itself.

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