Thursday, 1 November 2012

It is 10 PM here but 1 AM there.  I have already had a message from Gerry saying he had said his white rabbits a 12:15 AM.  Way to go Gerry!

Happy Halloween all!  Funny thing is we were in Maui a few years ago for Christmas and Christmas was like a non-event.  Not so Halloween.  We saw people walking down the street and in the restaurants dressed in full halloween attire!  The restaurants were decorated.  Weird!
Every day here has been the "best" day.  Today we got up and phoned the guy who rented out the kayaks.  He told us the dolphins were in the bay....hundreds of them!  Must have been one of the four days out of six!  We jumped in the car and headed off hoping to find them.  We were not disappointed. We could see them jumping out in the bay.  They are called Spinner Dolphins because they jump high into the air and spin to rid themselves of parasite fish that attach to them.  We paddled out and I was the first one in the water.  Almost instantly I had three right beside me.  I could have reached out and touched them.  We spent three hours chasing them and jumping in the water.  They actually seemed to be playing with Kelli.  There were hundreds of them and they just cruised back and forth for the entire time we were out there.  It was fantastic!  I'm sure I sounded like Minnie Mouse shrieking every time they came by me!  Definitely a trip highlight!
 (very hard to photograph but you get the idea of how close they came to us.)
There were many babies in the pod.  At one point I had six adults and four babies swimming beneath me.  So cool!

Must say I was pooped after three hours of paddling and swimming!  We finally called it a day and decided to head into Kona for an early lunch as we were planning to go up to the observatory in the evening to view the stars at 10,000 ft.   Headed back to our condo and as we entered the complex we saw a bunch of goats on the golf course.  Goats run wild all over this island.  They are not wild goats like we have at home but resemble domestic goats who have been released or escaped into the wild.  They kind of look like the goats from "Billy Goat Gruff."  When we play golf we call shooting a 10 a Moose.  Kelli asked what you would have to shoot to call it a goat.  We weren't really sure but she figured shooting a goat would be really baaaad!  Quirky sense of humour but we had a good laugh!

I crashed on a recliner on the deck for at least half an hour, had a shower and we then headed up to the observatory.  We got there too late to go right to the top but we stopped at the visitor's center and heard an interesting presentation by an astromoner.  You felt like you were just sitting in the stars.  They were so visible up there.  It was amazing.  I saw three shooting stars while we were up there.  Should have pretty good luck this month I'm thinking.  Shooting stars to make a wish on, we are staying in building 10 of the complex in unit 1025 and my lucky numbers are 5 and 10 and I WILL REMEMBER TO SAY MY WHITE RABBITS TONIGHT!!!

One more day on this island then Bill and I head to Maui.  Kelli and Mike have a couple more days to enjoy here and then head home to the realities of their life.  Mike to his new job in Calgary, Kelli to her interview for the Emergency program and both of them to house hunt in earnest!

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  1. Wow Leslie! This is amazing. Thanks so much for sharing your adventures - I've been living vicariously and you are always inspiring. I'm so glad you had such a great trip. I've always wanted to swim with dolphins - must have been incredible!

    Love and white rabbits!

    p.s. I'm pretty sure shooting a 'goat' describes whatever I would shoot if I ever played golf.