Saturday, 24 November 2012

Another good day! Yahoo!  Kelli moved back today!  Yahoo again!  I headed up to pick her up and only had two road rage incidents.  Traffic was really backed up along Country Hills and everyone was merging into one lane.  I was putzing along not worrying about the slow pace when this woman suddenly blasts her horn at me from the lane beside me and although I couldn't hear her I am pretty sure  she was yelling at me to let her in.  If her body language and her facial expressions had even been slightly different I would have gladly let her in but her rage became mine and I found words escaping my mouth that I didn't know I knew. Dr. Oz would say I had reached my boiling point.  In any case I did not let her in instead making her move forward so I could let the guy behind her in.  I'm sure I made her day!  NOT!  Then I got to the airport pulled into the "immediate pickup area" was there for about 30 seconds, certainly under a minute when the security guard approached my vehicle, rapped on the window and told me it was time to do a lap.  I looked at him incredulously and said "I just got here and my passenger is on the way out."  He shrugged and said "Do a lap!"   The thing that made me so mad here is there wasn't even anyone else around.  The place was totally quiet.  What harm would it have done for him to let me sit there for a couple of minutes?  Oh well.....did my lap and found Kelli when I got back.

Came home and headed up to Nose Hill for a beautiful walk in the sunshine.  Kelli left driving rain in Vancouver so coming home to bright sun and mild temperatures certainly made the homecoming sweeter.

Tonight we are off to a Christmas party.  Hard to believe we are heading into that season already!  Am reminding myself to watch what I eat.  I tend to get over enthusiastic when faced with an array of delicious foods and then I pay the price dearly.  Not tonight!  Planning to enjoy myself and suffer no consequences!

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