Friday, 30 November 2012

Sensory overload today!  I have quite a following of "White Rabbiters" now and must thank those of you who continue to forward me visuals I can use at the end of each month.  The first two pictures are courtesy of my friend Helen.  She dropped off these Chinese candies yesterday with a note that read....
"The Chinese believe in 'White Rabbit' too.  These candies are given out during Chinese New Year for good luck!  Enjoy! "  And enjoy I shall.  Thank you Helen!

The second picture is from Sue.....along with the caption White Wabbits!!!  Enjoyed both and hope you do to!

Today I am holed up at home waiting for my doctor to call.  I hate this waiting game.  I have called twice now and they have not returned my call so don't know what the plan is.  My doctor told me on Wednesday to all them if I hadn't heard anything by Friday.....I know they are busy and I'm not their only patient but it is so hard to not be impatient!  Fortunately it is cold enough outside that I really don't want to venture out today anyways so sitting by the phone isn't really keeping from something else.

Bill has gone over to help Mike unpack.  The movers arrived today.  What a horrible day to have to move in.  Geoff and Lindsey home!  Yahoo.  It was fantastic to see them both last night and considering they had just come off a 27 hour commute home from Thailand they looked pretty darn good.  It's great to have them home.  So signing off to play the waiting game while I chew my nails!

Don't forget your White Rabbits tomorrow morning!!!!

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