Sunday, 4 November 2012

Wow!  A great day AGAIN.  I said to Maureen today that my teacher friends were going to be getting sick and tired of hearing about my "wonderful" days when they are stuck back home doing report cards.  Report cards on top of Halloween.....brutal, brutal time of year for teachers!   In any case I will talk about my day knowing that those of you who can't stomach hearing about the sun, sand and surf any longer just don't have to visit this blog.  Kind of like turning the TV off when you aren't interested in a particular program.

We were up at the usual early hour, had breakfast on the lanai and headed down to the beach shortly after 8 AM.  I stopped at the snorkel shop to check out a snorkel I had read about in an add.  It is a two chamber snorkel that claims you get more oxygen per breath as the fresh air comes in a separate tube from the air out tube.  I was a little sceptical about it but could rent the snorkel for $3.00 so wanted to give it a try.  It seemed like a pretty good deal because they gave me a brand new snorkel to try out and said "if" I decided I wanted to purchase it they would knock the $3.00 off of the price.  Took the new snorkel down and attached it to my mask.  Headed down to the beach and just as I was about to go into the water Bill commented on my morning attire.  I had my bottoms of my swim suit on inside out!  Oh well.....just making a fashion statement....or not!    We were in the water off of Kamaole Beach by 8:30 AM.  Although the difference in the snorkel wasn't dramatic I did notice instantly that I wasn't making as much noise when I was breathing and breathing seemed to take less effort.  We headed out onto the reef and were instantly rewarded with close up sightings of several large turtles.  I was nose to nose with them so many times and was able to swim along beside them.  They are just the most amazing creatures.  We also saw a barracuda which I have never seen before, an eel, as well as many other types of fish.   It was a wonderful morning snorkel!  Duane took lots of pictures which I will attach to this post. Swam for about an hour then headed back to the snorkel shop.  I decided that even the small difference the snorkel made was worth the purchase so decided to buy it.  Well, what a deal.  Although it was a new snorkel, because I had used it they sold it to me for the used price which was $8.00 less than the new price.  On top of that they deducted the $3.00 rental charge and told me that if at any time during my vacation I decided I didn't want the snorkel I could return it and they would refund my money!  Incredible!  Don't run into deals like that very often.

"Hi there big guy!"
Beautiful turtle over the reef!

Headed back home to shower and change into our golf clothes as we had a 11:30 tee time at Kihili Golf Course, not far from here.  The first few holes we were all feeling pretty warm but about halfway into the first nine the winds picked up a little and the temperatures moderated.  Maureen was feeling a little chilly as it was only 79 degrees!  It was a fun course and we all had our moments!  The round was slow but we didn't care.  Finished up score was on the right side of 100!  Headed back home for Duane's specialty, iced coffee which is really putting the screws to my "no sugar resolve."  They are delicious.  He makes them with his special Kauai Coffee, coconut milk and chocolate sauce.  They are to die for.   Got changed and went out to dinner to the 808 Bistro.  Food was awesome!  We are now back home and will be going to bed shortly as we are getting up at 2 AM to go up to Haleakala to see the sunrise and then to ride bikes down from the top!  I know.....crazy....but it's going to be FUN!  I am sure tomorrow afternoon will be a quiet time for all of us!  Bill has already gone to bed but Maureen, Duane and I are still up.  I can't go to bed until at least two hours after I eat so am writing my blog and watching the clock. Hope you enjoy today's pictures!

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