Monday, 19 November 2012

Where do the days go? Can hardly believe I have been here four days!  We have had such a good time.  We have been practicing pretty good restraint on the shopping front....until today.  Got up and had a good breakfast then headed out to "check things out."  Started off at Banana Republic where we both found things we liked.  I bought a nice pair of black pants and tried on a sweater but decided to practice restraint and did not buy the sweater.  Said "I would think about it."  Well, we got outside and I asked Kelli to go back and check the size in case I decided to come back.  That way I wouldn't have to try it on again.  Well, the little brat went in and bought me the sweater.  BRAT!  On a positive note we do share things so she can have access to it anytime she wants it.  We left there and headed down the street where I had seen a dress I thought might work for Christmas.  I'm a little concerned the dress I was thinking of wearing might not fit anymore.  Ended up buying a real cute dress that I really like so now I'm set.

The last time I was here to visit was just before my surgery.  We went to a great coffee shop called Artigiano's.  One of the best latte's I have ever tasted since our visit to Scotland a number of years ago.  We both remember sitting there that day and promising that after my surgery we would go back and enjoy another!  Must confess there were many times following my surgery I didn't think I would ever drink anything, let alone coffee, again.  Sat down and looked at my beautiful frothy cup of coffee and was almost afraid to drink it for fear it wouldn't taste as good as I remembered it.  No fears.  It was wonderful!  Drank it and wished I had ordered a bigger size!

Bought a wonderful gag gift for a friend....(a little skanky) not going to mention any names in case she is reading this blog but it was one of those gifts you are almost embarassed to purchase.  Fortunately, I don't embarass easily!!!!  My guess is many of my girlfriends are sweating bullets!  Don't worry the intended recipient will be over the moon!

Headed back home and stopped to study the Japadog Stand across the street from where Kelli lives.  These are the most disgusting things I have ever seen but they do an incredibly steady business.  The dressed up hotdog is smothered in seaweed.  Although I am pretty sure I'd gag eating it I am amazed at how many people eat it.  Perhaps because it advertised as something you must have before you die!  Not on this girls' bucket list that's for darn sure.
Now on the phone waiting for an air miles rep.  They are driving me crazy!
Home tomorrow.  A bit of a brutal day on Wednesday.  Ultrasound, petscan and Dr. appointment.  Not my kind of day that's for sure.  Good thing I'm treating myself to a fab weekend!
Dinner out at Simply Thai, one of the best Thai Restaurants I've ever been to.  We're stuffed!

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