Friday, 23 November 2012

Finally a good day....all day!  Decided not to plan anything much at all day.  Started out with coffee with my friend Rae who is back to Calgary for a visit from Houston.  Had a great gab!  Fun to catch up.  Left there and came home for lunch then headed up to Nose Hill with Boomer and Sienna.  Jenifer wasn't home so I just stole her dog.  She has been so good to me these past couple of days, picking Boomer up and taking him for his walk when I was too busy with appointments to do it.  I really appreciate it and so does he!  Delivered Sienna home and found Jenifer there so we had tea and a visit then home.  A most unproductive day but one I was really needing.  Think I should have a few of them here.

Heard from the badminton girls today and I actually laughed out loud when I read the email.  Sue has invited me to play with them on Sunday morning!  Now just to put this into perspective for those of you who don't know my badminton buds....these girls would have whipped my ass when I was at the top of my game so I couldn't even imagine stepping on a court with them right now.  I was totally flattered though that they invited me and suggested I meet them for coffee afterwards.  I miss the club and I miss the people there even more.  I have been pretty absent for the past year.   I'm doing lots right now but don't think the breathing machine is quite up to badminton yet!!!!  If any of you are reading this though....don't write me off.  I would totally love to join you at a future date.

The picture below pretty much sums up todays' blog!

Two of the greatest qualities in life are
   l.  patience
   2. wisdom

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