Friday, 2 November 2012

Thanks to all who remembered their "White Rabbits" first thing this morning!  I actually said mine three times, once at 12:30AM, again at 3:30AM when I got up to check out the condo's plumbing and at 6:30 when I woke up so I think I'm covered.  Kelli, Mike and Bill also all remembered!

If my golf game is any indication of my luck it should be a good month.  Today had my workout, went to the beach for a bit and did some boogie boarding and then Bill and I played our resorts' course.  Started out shaky with four hits on four sand traps on the first four holes as well as one ball in the water hazard!  Wasn't looking good!  Shot a 52 on the front which isn't terrible but things picked up considerably on the back and I started getting some pars and shot a 44!  One of my better 9's this season.  I was, however, criticized a little for my sportsmanship and unfortunately for me was caught on film fist pumping when I got my first par of the game!  You gotta watch for the paparazzi!  I hope none of my students are reading this but the honest truth is I am not the best of losers.  I always used to tell the kids the old saying..."It's not whether you win or lose but how you play the game and whether or not you had fun!"  I always felt a little hypocritical because winning always makes the game more fun!

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We finished off our last evening playing hearts and my dear sweet daughter is as poor a loser as I am (Maybe worse)........

Tomorrow we will be sad to leave this place.  Bill and I were sitting out on the deck this evening and we both agreed we could easily spend another week here.  The two weeks have just flown by.  Having said that I am really looking forward to seeing Maureen and Duane next week in Maui.


  1. OMG......Leslie, you are the funniest woman I know!!!! I want to thank you for taking us on your trip...I can hardly wait till you get to Maui!!!! 40 days left for us!!!,

    Thank you for making me giggle every day!!!!

  2. Love This~~
    Love your Blogs...