Sunday, 11 November 2012

I guess I should be grateful that I am still here because according to the original plan we should just about be boarding the plane to head home right about now.  Instead we have been granted one day reprieve from the snow and cold.

Saw a quote my friend Lisa posted on Facebook and loved it!  If you haven't seen it here it is......pretty much sums up my view on life!

Life is a song-sing it
Life is a game-play it
Life is a challenge-meet it
Life is a dream-realize it
Life is a sacrifice-offer it
Life is love-enjoy it!
Sai Baba

These past three weeks have been full of song, challenge, dreams and love!  Not too much sacrifice.....that happens tomorrow when we board Air Canada to head back to Calgary!  This is a holiday we won't soon forget!

Today a low key day.  Started out with the usual routine. Bill and I went to the gym and Maureen and Duane went for their morning walk on the beach.  We all met back here for breakfast and then headed off to the beach.  The water was a little rough this morning but there were turtles to be found.

After lunch we headed into Lahaina to do a little shopping and stayed for supper.  So nice to sit on an outdoor deck overlooking the ocean.
We leave tomorrow night......Thanks to all of you who have been constantly reminding me of what we've been missing back home!  And an especially big thank you to our awesome neighbor Pat who has shovelled our driveway.  We owe him big time.

Hope you aren't getting tired of turtle pictures!  It has been such an amazing year for seeing them!  We never get tired of it.  Here's today's shots!

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  1. I loved that quote so much and I am glad you did too!! You and I (the orange twins) live, eat and breath it. We walk the talk as do many others we are fortunate to know- life is a gift and we do not know the expiration date so LIVE IT UP as you always have!!! Your illness did not start this attitude- you have always possessed it!!! We all love and admire you for it!!!
    "Life is a garden so dig it!!!"