Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Thanks to all of you who sent me notes re. my "Horrible, no good, very bad day" yesterday.  Today also a little off but not so much for me as for my Dad.  Bill and I were up and off to the hospital this morning for my ultrasound.  Of course no results on this probably until next week when I see my doctor.

Had the test then decided to go out for breakfast.  We have spent a small fortune on eating out since all this started.  One way to make a hospital visit palatable......dangle the carrot that we'll go out for breakfast or lunch, or dinner.  Today we tried a new spot called Dairy Lane, a tiny little spot down on 19th Street, close to Kensington.  One of my nurses gave me a list of her favourite spots to go.  We most often head over to the Lazy Loaf but today felt like changing it up.  Not disappointed.  It was delicious!  We left there and did a little Christmas shopping.  I'm pretty organized on this front this year.  Just about done the major ticket items now.  It's the little things, the stocking stuffers etc. that take so much time and I still have work to do on those although I do tend to collect those items over the entire course of a year.  A couple of years ago I bought Lindsey and Kelli humungous stockings (about 3 ft. tall).  Not as smart as I thought I was because now I'm faced with the task of filling them.  Nobody likes a limp stocking.....even if it is 4 x the size of anyone else's in the family!  The easier thing to do would be to cut the stockings in half!  Wouldn't that shock those spoiled girls!?

From there we headed up to my Dad's place.  He had asked Bill to come and replace a door handle for him.  We arrived to find my Dad favouring both hands.  He had taken a mighty spill on the tennis court this morning, put his hands down to break his fall and was now sporting a very swollen left wrist and a very swollen right thumb.  Both were painful and Bill and I were pretty certain me might have a fracture.  We checked what the hospital wait times were and decided to head over to the PLC.  I was really hoping that Kelli's boyfriend, Mike, would be working but when I called him he was enjoying his first day off in quite some time! have all this trained medical personelle in your family and where are they when you need them?  In Thailand, in Vancouver, and shopping for a guitar!!!
Got to the PLC and proceeded to go through the emergency procedures.  We finally got to see a doctor and he proceeded to question Dad on his health and well being.  Dad was sitting down when he came into the waiting room so the doctor had no idea about his mobility.  Questions are moving along...."Mr. you walk independently or do you use a walker?"  No one had so far inquired as to how he had fallen and it was at this point I snorted "He was playing tennis when this happened!"  I could see the doctor smile.  I'm certain he doesn't have many 83 year old patients who make tennis a regular part of almost every day!  They took him to X-ray but the xrays did not show a break which surprised all of us, including the doctor.  So three hours later they decided to put him in a splint to make things more comfortable and sent us home.  As we were getting ready to leave Bill looked at the doctor and said "you never asked the most important question?"  The doctor looked surprised for a moment and then looked at my Dad and nailed it!  "Did you win?"

We decided it was late so rather than go home and cook we would stop for family night supper at the Winter Club. We weren't really thinking because cutting food is going to be a challenge for a while I'm thinking.  Oh well....we cut up the roast beef and had a great supper despite the challenges of a basically non-functional hand.  Think Dad is going to have to stick to lasagne, hamburger soups, etc, things that don't need to be cut up.

Got home to my long abandoned fur child.  He did not seem overly desperate as I was sure he would be so I'm thinking that Jenifer must have come by and taken him out.  If you are reading this and this is so....thank you Jen.  It is a true friend who volunteers to walk someone else's dog in this weather!
Tomorrow?   More tests so the stressful week is not yet finished but hopefully the bad luck is.

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