Thursday, 15 November 2012

Good news.....I'm on the upswing!  Yesterday was a horrible day!  Couldn't keep anything down.  That is the first time that has happened to me post chemo.  Hoping it was just a combination of jet lag, lack of sleep and a long day at the hospital on Tuesday.  I know lots of people go through this nausea stuff and I have been so thankful to dodge that bullet.  I had lots of calls and emails from you guys today!  Great pick up to hear from each of you and I really do appreciate your concern.

Am taking it very easy again today, despite the fact that I am feeling better.  Still planning to head out to Vancouver tomorrow to visit Kelli for the weekend.  Don't think we will be too ambitious with our plans but will certainly do a little shopping, some lunch, watch a couple of shows and of course coffee!  A laid back weekend will be good for both of us.  She is busy packing up to move back here and hopefully I can be of some assistance in that area, although most will be handled by the mover.

Sometimes I shake my head at this blog and think should I continue to write it?  Who could possibly be interested in my days.   Then I check how many people visit the sight and I hear from many of you on a regular basis and am touched that you all care enough to read it and keep up on how things are going.  I also need to tell you that although I don't always respond to your messages I really do appreciate hearing from you.

"Life is better when you attempt to live simply and mindfully and really think about what you value.  Blogging heightens my sense of accountability of how I live!"  We have been keeping very busy but I must confess there are times I miss my old life.....seeing people, going to work, playing badminton, working out at the Winter Club.....some of these things are coming back but there are things I must let go and I do miss them.  I saw Lisa's clip on facebook today on how much she loves her job and it shows.  I loved the work too.  There is nothing more gratifying than working with kids!  They can be a challenge and a pain in the butt but they also fill your day with energy and love.  One of the things I always loved each day were the hugs and smiles that many of the kids brought to class.  Most elementary aged kids still love school.  They love to learn, to move, to sing.....they love their teachers and they bring a joy to school each and every day.   I found on our trip to visit Volcano National Park I ended up finding the kids in the visitor's centre.  There was one station there where you could jump up and down and create waves on an earthquake monitor.  I had several kids jumping up and down in unison.  It was great fun!  Bill and Kelli just shook their heads at the biggest kid in the group.....that'd be me!

Today I have eaten both breakfast and lunch.  Boomer was pleased that lunch included cheese because cheese always seems to fly off the counter in his direction!  I have my hydration session this afternoon which I think will also help perk me up.  Am actually looking forward to it which is a first!

Today I was looking at a training program for a triathlon.  Yes, I still look but don't realistically think I will be training for one in the near future.  However, it was interesting to read how to make it work for you and I was struck by the commonalities between what I am going through and training for a sport.

These were the recommended steps:
Create a long-term vision, Be patient, Build a plan custom- tailored to you, Think beyond endurance
Be consistent, Stay balanced, Work Hard
This pretty much describes my approach to dealing with this little bother I am facing, so maybe I am in training after all!


  1. Please continue this blog Leslie! It helps to renew my faith and on days when I am feeling down, I just read some of your blog and get so uplifted. I miss the Boomer stories and the laughs we had working together - this blog does help! You continue to be inspirational to many people who don't even know you. Hang in there, continue to live life to the fullest - and continue keeping us up to date on both the good and not so good news. Love you girlfriend!!

    Bernice :)

  2. I agree with Bernice 100%!!!! Please keep it up!! When I am having a bad day....frustrated with work and family, you always manage to turn my mood around!!!!

  3. Mom - even though I see and/or talk to you every day - this blog picks me up and lets me know that what's going on in your mind in good times and tough times. It's a little dose of you I get to keep in my pocket when I'm missing you far away. Please don't stop. Love you!

  4. I agree with everyone! Leslie, keep blogging. Your sense of humour has not changed and still keeps me laughing. The blog keeps me up to date on all your ups and downs. Mostly the ups!
    luv ya!
    Colleen C.

  5. I am just an acquaintance from the past, but I'm a faithful Leslie "Follower"; you have become my go-to at the end of each day - you are my pick-me-up when I'm down, you're an inspiration in every single blog. I ditto all of the above. I'm sure those words of love from your daughter were enough for you to keep this blog going....beautiful!!

    Eunice Keys

  6. I agree with everyone's comments above - I enjoy reading your blogs as they do make you focus on what's important in life and you are a very good writer with a great sense of humour!!!!!
    On a different note - I think that Vicki, myself and Seana are going to TRY the TRYTRI in May - if you are interested you could join our team!!!!!