Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Today we drove to Edmonton for my surgery follow up appointment.  Arrived around 1:00 for my 1:15 appointment.  Really wasn't expecting any "bad" news but am finding that any and all doctors appointments, scans and tests, even bloodwork are causing me angst!  I think they call it white coat syndrome.  We arrived at the clinic and were placed in an examining room to see Dr. Knedeman.  My toes started to tap, my foot was vibrating and I could feel myself starting to hyperventilate.  Weird....and I have no control over this. Bill said it was to bad there wasn't a stationary bike in the waiting room that I could ride.  Exercise has always been my go to when I'm stressing.   Finally the medical student came in to do the preliminary work up.  He left the room and in came my surgeon.  He asked me a few questions, told me no weight training for another couple of weeks, looked at a little bump I had along my incision and reviewed the pathology report.  All news was good.  The margins on the surgery were very good, the bump is just an suture that will dissolve in time and he was pleased that I was active and looking good for three weeks post op.  Ahhh......breathe!  We left the office and I turned to Bill and said "I like that doctor!"....Bill had a point.  It's easy to like a doctor who gives you pretty good news.  So next step is my appointment with the oncologist next week to determine what my next round of chemo will look like and when it will start.  I am crossing my fingers that he will be OK with starting when I get back from Mexico but if not I will go ahead and have it before we leave.

On the way back from Edmonton I got an email from Kelli.  Each year the first year Med students do a fund raiser for Cancer.  This year they have donated a portion of the money they have raised towards GI research.  They have asked Kelli if she and I would be willing to speak at their head shave event.  Of course I am nervous about this but feel I need to acknowledge the wonderful work those students have done. I also want to acknowledge the support I have thrived upon from family, friends and a medical system that has been there for me every step of the way.   We'll see how I do speaking to a group of students older than eleven.  Maybe I'll just pretend they're eleven not young adults!   Kind of like visualizing your audience naked!

Geoff and Lindsey just got back from Revelstoke tonight!  The skiing was amazing.  Geoff is so stoked he's heading off to Lake Louise tomorrow.  He said it was just dumping all the way home.  If it was going to be warmer than minus 16 I'd even think about going!  So we forge ahead with our eye on the prize.  A healthy, cancer free future!  It's within my reach.....I truly believe this!


  1. It IS within your reach and you will be an amazing speaker no matter what the age of the audience is!! Visualizing them naked might help!!