Friday, 4 January 2013

Well, I've been discovered with the boots.  Walked in from my morning walk as Bill was coming up from the basement.  At first I was able to keep eye contact, however, eventually the eyes travelled down and lit upon the new boots.  "Where the heck did those come from?"  I explained....he just looked at me and said he wasn't at all surprised and he supposed they'd be good for dog walking!  Good to come clean!  However.....ran into three people today who immediately looked at my feet and said "Are those the boots???"

Had coffee with Judy this morning.  As always a great visit!  I always feel like I've had a shot of happy juice after spending an hour or two with her!  She just makes me smile!

From there came home to be here when the furnace guy arrived.  Enmax was here yesterday and said our main circuit board was gone.  It would be between three and eight hundred dollars to replace and new furnaces would run us around $10,000!!!  Gag!  They would get back to us with a more accurate estimate.  Now give me a break....between three and eight hundred dollars!  That's quite the range.  In any case we have been without heat since yesterday because they would not relight the pilot....too dangerous!  They never did get back to us with the estimate so Bill found another heating company who said they would be here at 1 PM today....and they were.  The guy took one look at the furnace and said there wasn't a thing wrong with it.  He said he personally knows of five or six cases where Enmax has done this very thing to people, suggesting they need a new furnace or expensive repairs when in fact there is no problem with the furnace.  When we called Enmax initially,  it was to look at our other furnace as we had had no problem with this one but Enmax said "Oh yes you have had problems....this furnace is pooched."  So we paid todays service guy $84 to relight our pilot and Bill promptly got on the phone to lodge a complaint to Enmax.  Each time he started to tell his story he was told "Oh, not our department....we'll forward you on."  After three forwards with music in between each forward he was told that someone would contact him on Monday to hear his complaint!  Talk about crooked!!!   I'm steamed!

Tonight we are off to see the Hobbit so I had better sign off!

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