Thursday, 24 January 2013

The internet is very slow tonight so hoping I'm not going to have problems publishing todays blog.  Will give it a go and cross my fingers but probably won't address any of the emails in my inbox today.

Today, weather improved slightly but still not hot, sunny beach weather which we are all ready for after being here for three days.  We decided it would be a good day to check out the ruins at Coba today.  Bill and I have been there before but Gary and Jenifer have not seen them so it seemed like a good day to take an excursion.  It has been really nice to have a car so we aren't dependent on the tour companies.  More pleasant not to be herded like cattle and certainly less expensive.  The day was quite pleasant for doing the walk into the ruins and although there were lots of people there it was good fun.  We had lunch in a little roadside cafe....cross my fingers that wasn't a foolish move but did stay away from fresh vegetables and fruits.  We considered stopping to check out one of the many cenotes along the route but decided to save that experience for another day.  Got back to the resort and Jenifer and I headed to the Cupcake Cafe for our afternoon mocha coffees.  Gary opted for a nap and Bill went for a workout.  After we finished our coffees we decided to hit the spa and spent some time in the hot tub.  Whoever would have thought you'd come to Mexico and sit in a hot tub.  Not I!!!  The place was packed however, so there were many others like us that thought this was a great idea.  Supper tonight was at the Mediterranean Restaurant and the food was very good.  We have found the ala carte restaurants at this resort to be quite decent so far and intend to try them all out. After dinner we hit the theatre, not really knowing what to expect but were very pleasantly surprised.  There was a Brazillian group performing.  They had a group of drummers and several amazingly athletic dancers who made you dizzy watching their moves.  We all enjoyed it tremendously.

 Tomorrow, once again, we are hoping for sunshine and a beach day.  The resort has little sailboats that you can sign out and if the weather is good we will take them out tomorrow.  Just give us a little sun!

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