Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Another rainy day.  We didn't even hit the beach today.  Still, I'm getting messages from those of you back home telling me that they would certainly prefer a little rain and balmy temperatures than the -14 and blowing that is happening in Calgary.  I hear you!

Despite the weather we had a nice day today.  Got up and had breakfast.  Bill then went to meet with the Sandos "representatives:" who wanted to tell him all about the new improvements!  Well, basically they just wanted more money and soon figured out that wasn't going to happen.  I didn't even go to the session.  Instead, Gary, Jenifer and I hit the coffee shop and had mocha coffee's and watched all the guests wandering around looking a little disgruntled with their umbrellas.  We finished up there and headed up to the lobby to check our email as we thought that was the only place we could get internet.  Just discovered, however, that we have internet in our room which will certainly make me more committed to updating my blog and responding to emails.  We then had lunch....seems like you do eat a lot at these places and then decided we all needed a little exercise.  The guys opted for a run but Jenifer and I hit the Fitness/Spa facility.  Did a good workout on the bike then sat in the heated hydro pool which is quite nice when the weather is a little on the cool side.  We were just getting ready to leave and I poked my head in the steam room which had a eucalyptus aroma which is great for clearing the breathing passages.  I always have a bit of a frog in my throat so this was great for me!!

Gary has just knocked on the door so we are heading off to the French restaurant for dinner.  Tomorrow we are going to head off to Coba.  Weather is supposed to be a little off again tomorrow and then is supposed to improve.  Cross my fingers!

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