Sunday, 6 January 2013

This is my little reminder to myself!  Don't know what got into me yesterday!  Just one of those days I guess.  I do have the odd little pity party I must confess and yesterday I was thinking about how lucky Geoff and Lindsey were to be going to Revelstoke to ski for a few days, Jenifer's off to Kicking Horse with the girls for a few days of skiing.....I saw some of Lisa's cross country skiing pics from Peter Lougheed Park, I heard about my cousins' awesome trip to Whitefish......and I had a little snap shot of what life was like before cancer!  I'm over it today. Bill reminded me this morning that this wasn't exactly how he envisioned retirement either but we were finding lots of fun things to do.....different things than we thought we'd be doing but still good things.   Went to bed early last night with the promise that I would not wake up a cranky pants.  Well, easier said than done.  The day was not off to a great start.  Was lying in bed when the phone rang.  It was Kelli.  They were just getting ready to leave for Vancouver and she discovered she had no wallet.  She figured she had left it in her car (which I have as we have traded vehicles) so they would drop by and give me my phone and pick up the wallet.  Well, the wallet was not in the car so they had to drive all the way back to their place in Marda Loop to look for it.  Bill looked at me and said "The peach doesn't fall too far from the tree!".   I promptly told him the expression was apples, not peaches and that peaches were boobs. "Well" he said "My point are both boobs!"  Hmmm....sad but true.  Kelli does come by it honestly....Well, she did find her wallet and they eventually did get off but later than they were hoping.  We got our breakfast ready.  Cereal this morning but when I took a bite of my cereal I discovered the milk had gone sour!  So much for that breakfast.  Next choice....raisin toast which I managed to burn!  Oh boy....this day is not going so good but I'm not going to be grumpy right!  After all this gives me some humour to write about today, right?  Took Boomer out and he managed to flush out his favourite coyote.  This is becoming a bit of a regular event for him.  He has learned to listen for the magpies because when they are squawking it often means the coyotes are nearby.  Fortunately just the loner coyote again this morning and he's a runner but one of these days we are going to run into a group and this isn't going to go as Boomer likes it to go.
Am home puttering now.  Kathy and I had planned to get together today but she forgot she had promised her son Robbie they would go out to celebrate the anniversary of his new lungs.  That's a pretty important thing to celebrate I'm thinking so we will put our plans on hold.  We had thought about going for a walk today but that breeze has a bit of a bite to it today!  I'm happy with a shorter one instead and a day of puttering.

8 shots for 8 years....and I thought he was a tea totaler!  Way to go Robbie!  And by the way.....your Mom says I'm beating you on the torso road map!

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