Saturday, 19 January 2013

We are just about ready to head off for Mexico for two weeks!  Yesterday Bill drove Boomer out to his favourite place on earth....Kim and Gregs', complete with cats, horses, freedom and most of all golden retriever...Wyatt.  Bill arrived home shaking his head.  Our not so loyal, well loved pet didn't even give him a second glance as he drove away!  Going to Kim and Gregs' is like going to summer camp and we always have to deal with the aftermath of this visit.  Big sighs, woeful looks.....the message being that our place is SO BORING compared to life with Wyatt.  I want to share a letter with you that came home with Boomer after one of his was addressed to Mom and Dad!

I am no longer a city dog visiting the country....I am a country dog living in the city
I am comfortable around horses and barn cats-they are my friends!
Wyatt gets a cookie when he goes in his too
I went target shooting one day and boy are guns loud!  Wyatt likes not so much
I would like someone in our house to take up hunting - I like watching wild game being skinned
I ride on the back of the quad with Wyatt and sometimes by myself....I also jump down on my own.  Mom can you buy a quad for your daily runs?
Wyatt lets me sleep on his Bass Pro Shop 'Redhead' Realtree camo reversible washable dog bed....and I loved it.  Did I mention there are only 20 shopping days till Christmas?
Did you know that skunks smell real bad?  I do!!!
Did you know that horse poop tastes good?  Probably not, but no matter more for me!
Wyatt gets a cookie for lunch - me too
I was getting really good at Frisbee before the snow came.  I don't jump for it but if it's thrown just right I can catch it.  It helps if it's one of those flexible, soft, flying squirrel frisbees.  Say, do I have a birthday coming up?  Just don't leave me alone with it because I like to chew on it!
It's OK about not emailing how much you missed me.  Really. (see above for dog bed and frisbee items)
Wyatt and I really enjoyed playing tub o'war with his rope but I got bored so I ate it.
I helped Kim and Greg feed the horses every day.  Harley sure likes his horse krunch.  Me too!!!
My 'Bud' Wyatt and I have grown very close and I expect to be able to come visit him on a more frequent basis, not just when you guys go on a trip......AND.......
Wyatt gets a cookie at 9 PM every night for being a really good boy all day - me too!!


So that's it in a nutshell!  I have often joked that if I came back as a dog I would want to have Boomers' life! Think I will head up and start pulling out my swim suits and shorts! I'm planning to take my computer so hopefully will be able to continue the blog....Adios amigos!  Off to the all inclusive with the goal that I will gain at LEAST two pounds!  How many people go on a holiday hoping to gain weight!!!

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