Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Today, everyone just did their own thing.  Kelli wanted to spend some time preparing for her upcoming interview and had a teleconference this afternoon so she hung out at the complex.  Mike wanted to go mountain biking and Bill and I decided we would go play golf at Waikola Greens.  The course was inexpensive, $48 a round including cart and was a decent course.  We both played well today and enjoyed the company of two retired fellows who have now live here.  Not a hard place to retire I'm thinking!  Nice to be American and have that option!   They were nice guys and gave us some tips as to where the best dining spots are and recommended another course which I have since checked out and have discovered is also quite inexpensive.  You can go to and get discounted rounds or if you play at different times during the day the rates vary.  This particular course that was recommended is high up on a mountain (2300' at hole one and you go as high as 3300').  It is surrounded by rainforest, has fabulous views and has peacocks everywhere!  Sounds good to me.  On the course we played today there were flocks of wild turkeys running around as well as many other types of ducks and geese. I had unbelievable luck today.  Landed in two sand traps and the ball just jumped out on it's own and landed on the green but my absolute best shot was on hole 18.  You had to shoot over a pond.  I changed up my ladybug crystal (because ladybugs can't swim) for an experienced water ball and gave it a mighty whack.  It skipped three times across the pond....hit the rocks on the opposite side and landed on the edge of the green.  It was awesome, or at least I thought so.  Bill just shook his head at my luck.  Our playing companion then stepped up to hit his ball and managed to land both of his in the middle of the pond.  He was so disgusted he packed it in right then and there!  Don't think my shot helped his attitude!   Got back to our condo around threeish and have just been relaxing.  There is nightly entertainment so Bill and I wandered down to the pool to take that in.  Tonight's entertainment was Hawiian music and hula dancing.  Still debating on what we will do tomorrow....may just do a beach/snorkel day.  Don't want to get all our activities done in week one.  It'd be nice to save a few things for next week.

Have been following Geoff and Lindsey's blog on their around the world/7 Wonders's of the World adventure.  They are now just finishing up in Rome and are heading on to Egypt!  I'm thinking I may not recognize them when they get home.  Weight gain seems inevitable as they seem to be enjoying the culinary experience as much as the wonders experience!  They did a cooking class in Rome and the food they prepared sounded amazing!  Hoping they will invite us over to their place when they get home and share their new cooking skills!

Hope things are warming up in Calgary although I just got an email from my super duper neighbours Pat and Marian.  Pat and his son Mike took on our sidewalks and driveway!  Thanks guys.....we owe you.  If it snows while you are in Mexico we'll do yours!

Turkey's on the golf course!  Don't they know American Thanksgiving is fast approaching?!
PS.... Nureen.....I hear you are in New York!  Way to go girl!  Hope you are feeling good and enjoying the sights!

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