Thursday, 11 October 2012

“Somedays there won’t be a song in your heart!  Sing anyways!”  This is Kelli’s message to me and a good one because quite honestly there was no song these past couple of days.  Today, however, I am belting out the tunes!  Told you I would turn the corner today and I think I have.  Woke up this morning, opened my eyes to a bleak, white day outside my window and thought...”Man, I do not want to get up today!”  Don’t have too many days like that but must confess that was my first thought this morning.  The house was cold which doesn’t help much but finally heard the dogs rustling around downstairs and thought I’d better get moving!  Quick assessment....”How am I feeling today....hmmm....not too bad.”  Got up and reluctantly ate my breakfast.  Not sure how this was going to sit but so far not too bad.  Phoned Judy and accused her of still being in bed and she informed me that she had already been to the Y for her workout!  Showoff!!!  Arranged to meet her for coffee after I dropped Bill off at the garage to pick up his truck.  Our vehicles are all deciding they need maintenance right now which is painful!  Went to Starbuck’s and met Judy for coffee.  Desperately wanted a latte but decided on plain tea until I was sure my stomach was finished with it’s antics!  By the time I left Starbuck’s I was feeling much better.  Judy has a way of just picking you up, dusting you off and setting you straight!  She has always had that effect on me.  So I left there with the beginnings of a song in my heart and headed over to the Foothills for my hydration appointment.  Had a great me on the first poke and was in and out of there in an hour.  My kind of day!

Heard from Geoff and Lindsey today!  They have just completed Wonder #2, Machu Pichu and are now heading to Brazil where they will see #3 and more importantly have a little “beach time” and hopefully a bit slower pace.  I think Geoff may have been having some altitude issues in Peru.  He has been at altitude several times, including our time in Nepal but the difference with Peru is you fly into high altitude.  You don’t start low and walk up which acclimatizes you to the high altitude.  His started with cold like symptoms (which Bill had when we were there a couple of years ago) and proceeded to big headache.  Sounds like it didn’t slow him down a whole heck of a lot but I’m sure he’ll be happy to get back to altitudes his body is accustomed to.

Off to the North Face Sample Sale......hopefully I can find some Christmas things.  It is a fabulous sale....I’ve had lots of luck shopping at it in previous years!

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