Saturday, 27 October 2012

Woke up this morning and my first thought was no chemo today!  No dexamethazone today!  That is what I'm supposed to be doing today but instead we took a road trip to Volcano National Park on the south side of the island.  Long drive but worth it.  Lots to see along the way and very pretty.  Today we took the jeep which is the vehicle Bill and I rented as the guide book indicated you needed an off road vehicle to get to the green sand beach. They weren't kidding!  It was not a road for anything but an off road vehicle.  Of course Bill enjoyed this tremendously!

This is just the beginning of the off road experience.  It got much dicier as we went along!  Arrived at the green sand beach which was a gem of a find.  Beautiful but I'm glad I didn't have to walk there.  The green sand is created when the hot lava shoots through the lava tube into the ocean where the rapid cooling causes it to break up into sand.  The picture really doesn't show the green as vivid as it was.

Left the green sand beach and continued on our way up to Volcano National Park.  Got there around 4 and checked out some of the sights including a lava tube and some steam vents.

At this point we decided we were starving and found a little Thai Restaurant in Volcano Village.  Excellent food and we were all ready for it.  Headed back into the park to take in the volcano after sunset and were not disappointed!  It was magnificent!

We have packed a lot into this first week!  I cannot believe we have been here a week already!  The time has just flown by.  Tomorrow will be a slower day.  Plan to head to the beach and enjoy some leisure time by the ocean.

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