Saturday, 13 October 2012

Arrived in Windermere last night with Kelli.  We played golf with Dad and a friend of his today.  Beautiful fall day.  Colors are amazing and the Kokanee are running in the Columbia River.  It is a beautiful time of year out here.  Started off like a darn and all of us had a pretty decent front nine.  Wheels came tumbling off on the back however, affecting our scores.  Didn’t detract from our fun though.  All of us enjoyed the day tremendously.

Just finished supper and am now vegging on the couch.  My counts are low and I’m feeling a little pooped today still but should start to improve over the next few days. Thanks for some pretty nice emails today!  I heard from lots of you and appreciate your kind words!  I have such good friends!

Tomorrow the plan is to clean up around here.  Dad is ready to move back to Calgary and hang up his golf clubs and dust off his tennis racquet!  He is quite anxious to see the renovations at the Winter Club and to get back into his winter time routines.  Kelli and I will head home tomorrow afternoon once we get things spiffy around here!

Just a quick side note.....Bill was supposed to tape  the finale of “So You Think You can Dance” but missed it!  We have been waiting for weeks to watch it and have just discovered it has not been recorded!  Does anyone out there have it??? Hope you are enjoying the great weather while it lasts!

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  1. If no one recorded this episode {I forgot too} you can probably watch it online. Just goggle CTV. G.