Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Today Kelli and Mike headed off to Two Step where we have heard there is great snorkelling and Bill and I to Makalai Golf Course.  We had to stop at the business office to print off our coupon and got there only to discover both computers were in use.  We sat there for about 15 minutes while these two guys cruised around on the internet.  I finally went to the front desk to see if they could print my coupon but they were blocked off of hotmail.  So back to wait for the two "gentlemen" to finish reading every piece of news they could find on the internet.  There was another couple waiting ahead of us who also had a very short task to do.  I finally stepped up and politely (at least I thought it was politely) asked how long they were going to be using the computers because I needed to print off a coupon for my golf game.  One guy answered he would be about 10 minutes, the other told me he wasn't interested in my golf game.  Now before I tell you what happened next I must explain that I seem to have lost the ability to whisper.  Instead I squeak!  So I turned to Bill and squeaked "These guys are soooo selfish!"  Bill looked at me in horror and whispered "now they'll never get off!"  Later he asked Kelli if there was a pill they could give me that would restore my frontal lobe.....I seem to have lost some of my filters when it comes to dealing with issues such as this.  In any case we sat and waited and waited and finally I called the golf course to ask if we could show without the coupon.  Luckily they agreed so we left the two jerks and headed off to the course.

The golf course is high up on the mountain side.  For the first nine holes you go up, up up and for the back nine, down, down, down.....Not really my kind of course when it comes to playing well, however the beautiful scenery and views more than made up for the difficult lies.  There were peacocks everywhere.....in fact the starter said to take as many home as we wanted.  The peacocks are considered nuisance birds, much like our lovely Canada geese.  They poop everywhere!  Personally I'd take a peacock any day over a Canada Goose.  I can't tell you how many times I've landed my ball beside a goose only to be hissed at and charged when I go to hit my ball.  At least the peacocks had a less confrontational personality and their poops are definitely not as offensive!

Finished our game....not totally happy with my score as it was on the wrong side of a hundred.  Oh well....enjoyed the day.  Had a bite of lunch at the clubhouse and headed back to Waikola.  Stopped at one of the state parks on the way back to check out the beach.  An interesting drive to get there but were rewarded with a beautiful beach with few people on it.  May return later in the week to check it out although there was a bit of an alarming sign at the entrance.  "Beware of Strong Currents!  You could be swept out to sea and drown!"   Hmmmmm.....maybe not a good choice of a swimming beach although there were people in the water there.
Continued on home and met up with Kelli and Mike and heard about their awesome day.  They did go to Two Step today where they rented a kayak.  Apparently the spinner dolphins come to the bay here to have their babies.  The bay was full of dolphins and they were able to swim with them.  Kelli said at one point she was swimming on the surface and counted 32 dolphins beneath her.  Mike was swimming along and a mother and baby jumped out of the water about 5' away from him.  Sounds pretty amazing.  We are planning to go there tomorrow.  I can hardly wait!

Headed down to the pool at 4:30 for the ice-cream social and hula dancing!  I pretty much stay away from sugar but treated myself to a Kona Coffee icecream cone today!  Yummy!   Another fabulous day!  The only downside to all these great days is that they seem to fly by......Can't believe we are now into week two!  

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