Monday, 1 October 2012

Solved the mystery of the latest addition to my bunch of bunnies.  Kelli’s badminton coach, Jeff brought him back from London for me when he was there this summer coaching.  He is the mascot for the upcoming Winter Olympics in Sochi.  I went up to the club today and dropped in to thank Jeff and got the best hug ever!  Catherine was also there and it was so great to sit and chat with them.  Both of these people were and still are very important people in Kelli’s life!  During her badminton training days I think Kelli often spent more time with her badminton coaches than she did with her parents.  They travelled together and developed a strong friendship.  Of all of Kelli’s coaches I would say Jeff was always the biggest cheerleader!  Loved the way he supported those kids and I’m sure he’s still doing it!  Jeff looked at me today and said he was happy to see I was busy at the business of “living”.  I looked at him and said that there were really only two choices......he agreed.....get busy living or get busy dying.....I’m definitely taking the living option!

When you are away for three weeks there is always so much to do when you get home.  Bill has been busy winterizing the trailer.  I went and picked up groceries and as usual managed to pick the “cashier in training.”  I do it every time!  And believe me I don’t do it on purpose.  Today, however, was quite entertaining.  My cashier was a young Asian girl and not only did she not know her codes.....she also didn’t know her vegetables.  She rang my cauliflower through as a Russet Baker....paused.....and asked the girl training her if that was what the cauliflower was???  She struggled with a couple of other items as well,  but the clincher was the artichoke!  That one really threw her!   I have never cooked one but decided I wanted to try it. (on a side note if anyone can tell me how you cook and eat these things I could use some coaching myself) .  She looked at it as if was a foreign object and asked me point blank what it was!  The girl coaching her wasn’t that friendly.  I think Kelli would call it “pimping your student” in front of the customer!  In any case at the end of my order the coach told her....”ASK FOR A DONATION”  which the poor girl immediately did.  Then she said just as bruskley, “DID YOU ASK HER IF SHE WANTED CARRY OUT.”  The poor girl looked at me and asked sweetly if I would like a carry out.  Then the coach told her crossly that next time that should be the first thing she did before she even started the order!  At that point I had had quite enough of her cranky meanness so I looked at the young cashier,  shook my finger at her and said in my Miss Piggy Voice...“You make darn sure you get all this right on your next order.”  We both burst out laughing at that point....not the coach though!  She failed to see anything humorous about anything!  Hope I didn’t get the newbie in trouble.

Came home and tackled a batch of borscht.  Ron and Marg dropped by.  Ron had a doctors appointment and the good news is that it appears he is healing nicely and can start taking off his neck brace.  I laughed when Marg said Ron was having to learn the virtue of being “patient”.  Those of us who can not do things we are used to doing can really identify with this.  When Ron first came home he was told he could lift a maximum of 5 lbs.  This is a guy that is used to heaving huge, heavy bales of hay around.  A jug of milk weighs 7 lbs.  It is really hard to face that you have to listen to these instructions and you have to let others do much for you that in normal circumstances you could easily do for yourself!  Having said that you also come to appreciate the people around you who are willing to do all these things for you.    I am so happy he is on the road to recovery and that his patience is definitely paying off!

Remembered my “White Rabbits” this morning!  Hopefully you all did!  Can’t believe it is already October!  Where has our summer gone?

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