Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Must confess, I think this might be my roughest post chemo week!  It is day 5 post chemo and I’m still feeling pretty crumby!  Trying to keep busy and ignore it but there are just moments you feel darn sorry for yourself! Did go out for lunch today with Caroline and Diane so it can’t be that bad right?  It was an excellent diversion.  Also went and got my toes done for Hawaii…..another good diversion but am home now and am feeling quite punk. Yesterday was similar.  I always think if I just keep going it will go away but it really doesn’t seem to work that way.  Wanted to get my Christmas cakes made so tackled that one in the morning.  The kitchen looked pretty much like Hurricaine Leslie had hit again and when I was finished I just couldn’t even think of cleaning up so went down and lay on the couch.  Went promptly to sleep for about an hour.  Woke up but didn’t open my eyes....just laid there trying to access how I was feeling.  I could smell this smell and felt warm air on my cheek so I turned my head, opened my eyes and there were the two dogs, chins resting on the edge of the couch with their noses only inches from mine looking at me and blowing their warm breath in my face, willing me to wake up and take them for a walk!!! Just going to go watch a little TV and will be hitting the pit early tonight.  I know I’m going to turn the corner and hope it’s tomorrow!  Don’t much care for these down days.
Tomorrow will be a better day, I know it!

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