Thursday, 6 September 2012

Don’t know where the day went.  Up for my workout for a wimp, breakfast and some overdue housecleaning.  Had my hydration at 12:30 and whoopee.....NO IVY today.  Jen was a whiz at Iv’ it first try and actually complimented me on my great veins.  Got my blood work done and headed out to pick up Maureen to go “wig” shopping.  As vain as it might sound I cannot bear the thought of being bald.  At home fine but if I’m out for an evening or bar hopping which I do on a frequent and regular basis (NOT) I do not want to look like a cancer patient!  Yes I am a cancer patient but isn’t it OK to not want to look like one?  Anyways, Maureen and I headed off to Compassionate Beauty to visit their hair expert, Colleen.  She is a master at picking out just the right colour and it didn’t take long to find just the right one.  It was great to have Maureen along.  She gave me her honest feedback and I really appreciated the moral support.  The sad truth is I will probably look better in the wig than I do with my own hair.  Every day can be a good hair day!  Even better news is that the cost is covered by my health plan!

Left there and headed over to the vets to get Boomer some meds for his arthritis.  Sadly the Elk Velvet just does not seem to be doing the trick.  I finally resorted to aspirin but have found it ineffective as well.  Time to bring out something better.  The girl at the vet told me she gives this stuff to her dog and it is a miracle drug.  I gave him some with his supper tonight and already he seems to be improved.  $70 well spent if it works! 

The next few days will be busy as we start to prepare for our trip to the Grand Canyon.  I am totally excited and looking forward to getting away.   Anyone got some good deeds or acts of kindness they would like to share?  

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