Friday, 21 September 2012

Phew...another slower than molasses internet but I will attempt to get this blog written.  Spent last night in the Grand Canyon.  The drive from Sedonna back to the Grand Canyon was fun.  Went through a couple of cute spots.  Jerome made me think of all of you out there who love Halloween!  It is supposedly a haunted town, was once a copper mining town and now devotes it’s attention to tourism.  The entire place is literally perched on the side of a mountain.  Good thing we weren’t towing the fifth wheel through there.  It would have been challenging to say the least.  We drove up to the crest of the hill to see the Grand Hotel (also haunted).  We were going to visit the Assylum Restaurant at the hotel but it was closed for decorating for Halloween.  It is the only day of the year they close.  Twenty four  people decorate all day and apparently it is quite the scene when finished.  Our timing wasn’t so good on this one that’s for sure.  Continued on through Prescott and then back to our fifth wheel that was parked in a parking lot in Grand Canyon Village.  Spent the night at Mather Campground.  Our unit was oversize for what was allowed but it was the only site we could get so Bill did some jockeying and got it into the site.  After it was parked he confessed he wasn’t sure he would be able to get it out!  He was even talking about cutting down a tree and had already trimmed about 3 ft of branch off of same tree!  Now you have to understand my stress here.  I am supposed to be the director so already I am stressing about getting out in the morning.  I even suggested he go out and cut the tree down in the dark so nobody could see him do it!  Fortunately, we didn’t have to resort to this.  I’m sure there would be a significant fine for cutting down trees in the National Park.  We were able to get out without incident but neither of us slept that well last night!

Left the Grand Canyon and had our last view of the Canyon from “Grand View.”  Continued on our way.  Came across a little town with a store called “Judd Auto” (as seen above).  Welcome to the USA!!!  They even had muscle shirts that had the same slogan written on them.  I was going to buy Bill a pink one but they only came in 3XXL!!!

We are now in Zion in a lovely RV Park that even has a swimming pool.  Our site is right on the river (not much water in the river though).  Tomorrow we have a hike planned up the narrows.  Plan to start bright and early as it gets extremely hot here.  It has been over 32 degrees today!  Will spend tomorrow night here as well and then will be starting the trek homeward!

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