Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Another laid back day.  They have become frequent in my days that's for sure.  Had the drain again yesterday and again he pulled off another 1.5 litres which is quite a lot in only ten days.  They are unsure  why this is happening but will monitor me through it.  I can breathe better for sure but still have some nasty side effects such as nausea which never seems to be pleasant.  I just choose to plod through these days and hope to regain a little more feel good on the other side but honesly don't know where this is going to end.  Kelli came home from her retreat with her residency group.  What a great idea to introduce you to the people you will be working closely with over the next year.  They went rafting on the  Kicking Horse yesterday and then stayed overnight at a beautiful cabin in the Golden area.  It is always a good thing to get to know people outside of the work situation.  She was pretty much dead when she arrived home and we were both happy to relax in our respective recliners for most of the afternoon.  Geoff came over before work and took some of my money back at crib.  Imagine doing that to your Mom!  Crib is one of those games we have fallen back to frequently as a family.  Bill is not crazy about it but when he knows I'm down and out he will play.   Still it is hardly a favourite game of his....all he can grumble is "No skill in this game....sheer luck!"  I certainly don't agree with that especially for one on one crib....perhaps a little more so for partner crib.  Im definitly not crazy about that.  Dad and I often run a tally when I am at  the lake,  Twenty five cents a game and a dollar a point!  My kids also enjoy it so it is one you will often find us sparring away at!

Anyways....short and sweet tonight.  Friends are here!

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