Thursday, 11 July 2013

I puttered around home this morning.  Bill said he had a surprise for me....we were going to go "shopping" for rocks for my Inukshuk. I have been wanting to build one in our backyard for years but it is just one of those things you procrastinate never seems to get beyond the "I think I'd like one of those in my yard stages.  My vision was that we would collect rocks on our various trips  (and there has been no shortage of trips that involve lots of rock picking possibilities) and build it from these memories but again, we just never seemed to get past the thoughtful stage of it all.  Last summer I was admiring Irene and Ralph and Irene's Inukshuk up in Windermere.  I'm pretty sure Ralph didn't go to Burnco to get his rocks.  In any case....this is part of my birthday present and although I think had Bill known how much these five rocks were going to cost him it might have been yet postponed or at the very least we would have gone back to the original thought of poaching mountain rock which would have been a far better enconomic plan.  The rocks are pretty awesome though and the version of what is to be built is much larger than or original vision.  I'm thinking the darn thing is going to be as tall as me and outweigh me by several hundred pounds!  It will be awesome!

I love the symbolism behind the Inukshuk.  The traditional meaning of Inukshuk is "someone was here or you are on the right path."  They are the result of consensus of purpose, of focussed action by a group united in its' goal and labour.  The Inkshuk are the product of cooperation, teaching us that as good as our individual efforts might be, tegether we can do even greater things.  The stones of the Inukshuk are secured through balance.  They are chosen by how well they fit together.  Looking at the structure it can easily be seen that even removing one person will result in the weakening of the structure.  What holds the team together is balance -the complementary nature of individual skills.  The Inukshuk are a symbol of the human spirit.  They remind us of our need to belong to something greater than ourselves.


I'm still dragging my heals.  The doctor seemed to think it would take at least a week or more before I would notice any improvements from the antibiotic.  Honestly, nothing yet but hopeful it is coming.  This is a very hard way to spend beautiful summer days.. Just a modest improvement would be greatly appreciated.  Just a little more energy so I can actually march out those walks and enjoy them....I am really having to practice my "positive virtue" right now and quite honestly I don't think I'm doing a very good job of it.

I keep thinking of all my friends out there enjoying summer....and don't get me wrong....I wouldn't wish for my friends not to enjoy the summer, nor would I not want to hear about it,  but when I hear stories of hiking trips, water skiing and yes even mowing grass at the golf course I find myself longing for that sense of normal that has been so long absent from my life.  Bill is great at getting me back on track and encouraging me to stay motivated.  He is becoming quite the cook.  Tonight he worked through an entire recipe for Linguine and Clam Sauce with only one question and is definitely much quicker at getting to the end result.  I always have to laugh at him.  He'll say what time should we usual answer.....oh not awhile.  Well, he looks at the clock and decides 6 or 6:30 then is shocked to discover that it's going to take him an hour to get everything to the eating stage.  He is getting there though, I must give him an A plus!

We missed Pats phone call today asking if Boomer could come out to play!  Must have been out rock picking but I know if he understood that call he'd be a most disappointed lab.  Another day please Pat!!

Hoping the weather holds for the end of Stampede.  Sounds like it's been quiet out there this year but it's nice to see everyone still getting into the spirit of things despite what has happened in our city in the last few weeks!!

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