Monday, 8 July 2013

I'm learning the life of a hermit isn't that fun.  There must be someone out there picking up on my vibes though because out of the blue Geoff and Lindsey arrived.  Lindsey performed the most hated task by all members of the Sherlock household....especially the recipient....she attacked Boomer with the Furminator.  She got so much hair off him it looked like half a dog had died in the back forty.  When Bill arrived home later in the afternoon he glanced out the window and said..."Wow...look at all the baby prairie chickens out back.."  After a little closer inspection he realized these clumps of black were in not baby prairie chickens.....just globs of black lab fur.  We truly wish we could find a way to market this stuff.....Remember the days of Sealskin boots...

Geoff and Lindsey stayed for a bit then off they went and I was again sitting here psyching myself up for my walk when the doorbell rang and there was my neighbour St. Connie.  Connie has volunteered with YYC and is delivering "Come Hell or Highwater T-shirts".  I had suggested that I would like to buy a couple of shirts but of course Connie just showed up with shirts in hand....a gift from her and Michael!  I am learning I have to be careful what I wish for because people take me to heart and I start to feel a bit like a spoiled brat!!  We had a nice visit and then she offered to take my fur child to Nose Hill.  He has been so spoiled this week!  Thankyou.  I know it seems goofy that something like this  means so much to me but I love to see him come home from his walk with that giant goofy grin on his black face!  Thanks Connie!  Missed you when you came back!

I have some appointments set up for the week.  Tomorrow I will have some bloodwork done and will see the hematologist.  I have not been on the desantinib (the CML) drug since Thursday so will find out when they want me to resume that or if they want to try one of the other alternatives.  Then I see the GP on Wednesday so they can listen to my lungs so a couple of days of medical focus which will wear me out for sure.

Had a neat reminder from my friend Monica today who is also going through her own issues at the moment.  Her favourite formula is  M/E=H    translated to mean....keep motivation high, expectations low and that will keep you happy.  Think I'll give that one a shot!

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