Tuesday, 6 August 2013

With a heavy heart and a cannonball hole through my chest I'm sorry to write that my beautiful, strong, firecracker mom has passed away.  At 5:15 this morning my mom passed away peacefully, in her own bed, surrounded and held in love.  She won her battle with cancer - not allowing it to define her life.  She will live on in our hearts.

Stay tuned for a better tribute.



  1. Words do not describe the incredible sadness I feel. I have followed Leslie's blog every day since her Kevin (her Dad) gave me her address back in December 2011. She is, without a doubt the bravest, most inspiring person I have known. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. I know what its like to lose a soulmate..My wonderful husband passed away in April 2011

  2. Kelli, I am so sorry for your family's loss! You know your mom was the most amazing person! We were all so lucky to have had her in our lives !!
    She will be missed so much....but forever in our hearts!!

  3. Bill, Geoff, Kelli, Kevin and Boomer. Know that Leslie will be forever in our thoughts. She has made the world a better place for everyone. My thoughts are with you all at this time of sorrow but we will take time to celebrate the amazing life and tales of Leslie! Thinking of all of you with love and compassion.


  4. So very sorry to hear about Leslie's passing .... words cannot describe. Her spirit will live on in all those lives she touched ... and what a spirit it was!

  5. I am so deeply saddened to hear of your family's loss. Leslie taught us all so much and her strength and spirit is something we all will have to aspire to. She was a remarkable person and I know my life is personally richer for having known her. Her loss will be felt widely and for a very long time.


  6. To all of Leslie's family - my heart is heavy, has been for days. Attitude is indeed everything and yes, you are right - Leslie was in charge all the way with grace, integrity and forever fight. We love her, we will miss her and we will celebrate with you when the time comes. Please accept our deepest condolences from our hearts to all of yours.
    With much love, light and tears,
    Marj Aucoin

  7. Kelli, I only had the pleasure of meeting your mum on one occasion but I have been following her blog.
    Her strength and courage was an inspiration. in fact you are all an inspiration.
    Love and strength to you all and please give your grandad Kevin a huge hug from me.
    love, Mary ( yr distant cousin in Sydney Australia)

  8. I will really miss Leslie. I loved meeting her in badminton tournaments. She was a fighter on and off the courts. I loved hearing her stories. She made me laugh with all her adventures with her dog. Boomer swallowing the lady's leather glove was my favorite with Leslie continuing to feed him the hydrogen peroxide solution to make him throw up not realizing he had already thrown up the glove until after she had fought to get another dosage down his throat. We laughed so hard when she relayed that story in her humerous way! I loved her so much!!! I will miss her so much. My heart and prayers go out to her family.


  9. My dear friend Leslie, how I will miss you. Your determination and courage inspired so many of us to embrace life and live each and every day. You inspired me both in and outside of the classroom and I am truly grateful to have had the opportunity to be your partner and your friend. I treasure the times we spent together and I will hold these memories close to my heart. I love you always Leslie.


  10. To Leslie's family,
    Leslie was truly an inspiration to all and will be missed. I really saw her as a mentor. Please accept my condolences. My deepest sympathy to your family.

    Natasha Barrie

  11. Our hearts feel heavy and sad with the news of Leslie's passing today - our minds feel joyful in remembering all of the great memories, lessons, examples Leslie gave us through her life as a teacher, as a strong human being who fought cancer every step of the way and as a storyteller and adventure seeker - our actions remain positive and hopeful that Leslie's family will be able to wrap their pain around the joy and spunk that was Leslie and that this may bring them some sort of comfort as they try to face each day without her . . . All of our love, Kimberley, Patrick, Katie, Jessica and Meaghan Kelly!

  12. I didn't know Leslie or your family well but have been following her blog. What an amazing, positive, funny, and brave woman she was. I am very sorry to hear the sad news. Carol (Jen's sister)

  13. Sending all of Leslie's loved ones thoughts of courage and strength especially during this very difficult time. Leslie - a true champion in every respect! Rain may fall but it will never wash away her beautiful colours and spirit. With care and my deepest sympathy.

  14. We will miss Leslie's mega-watt smile and contagious giggle. I used to look forward to working with your Mom at the police department where we would share stories and dreams. We will miss her. Our love and thoughts are with you all.

    Pat and Russ Sabo

  15. Bill, Kelli and Geoff - there are no adequate words at this time, your sorrow is unfathomable! Leslie was always such a JOY and made everyone she loved feel special! I hope you know how deeply our hearts ache, especially for you. Take some comfort knowing how she touched so many with her life, her laughter, and her undaunting spirit!
    You will be forever cherished Les!

    Love Holly, Bob and Family

  16. We will miss Leslie. Leslie was a incredible smiling face around so much sadness when we sat together at Tom Baker. Yet she knew how to laugh and knew how to make the worst seem like the best. A short time knowing left me with a long time memory, I love her for that.

    Her hurt and pain are gone and I am glad for that. But we lost a true friend.

    Rob & Paulette Suitor
    Chemo buddy

  17. I am so sorry to hear this news. Leslie was a truly amazing person and teacher. I feel so fortunate to have had the chance to teach with her at Ranchlands. She will be remembered and missed always.
    With love, Laura Knapp

  18. Bill, Kelli and Geoff--our hearts go out to you at this time of intense sadness. Leslie, so positive, inspirational and full of life, fought bravely and as you have stated, never allowed her illness to define her. What a truly amazing lady!

    Kelli, how difficult for you to post such sad news so eloquently. You are a credit to you Mom.

    Our thoughts are with you,
    Joanne and Gavin Robertson-More

  19. We were deeply saddened to hear of Leslie's passing. Please know that your are in our thoughts. While her struggles are over, we know her spirit will remain in each of you. Our deepest condolences to your family.

    Connie and Ted Weryshko

  20. To the Sherlock family; I was so saddened by hearing of Leslie's passing. Having only met her once on the squash court in the mid 1980's, I was nonetheless struck by her intensity and passion. my deepest sympathies.
    David Horne (CPS 1981-88), Kemptville, Ontario