Sunday, 11 August 2013

I'm not sure if anyone will read this blog -- but what the heck...

Today was the Ride To Conquer Cancer - a day my mom was training and aiming for!  Mom always had a goal - something to focus on, something to look forward to, something to get her moving on those days she just didn't feel well.   The ride was an absolute incredible experience - almost like therapy.   We biked 117km the first day and 100km the second day!  There were some big climbs and fast descents! I didn't get off my bike once (except for at the designated rest stops of course!).  As I huffed and puffed my way up the hills, fighting the urge to jump off my bike, I just kept thinking - Mom LOVED hills.  She did - truly! It was where she left everyone in the dust and she knew it! She shone on hills (literally and metaphorically).  Mom was with us all; she was riding tandem on my bike (you just couldn't see her). There were tons of smiles, lots of tears and a lot of stories shared.  
Mom would have been so insanely proud of us!!!

THANK YOU for the incredible outpouring of support to my family these past few weeks, months and even years.  You have lifted us and carried us during some of the most difficult times.  THANK YOU to those who supported the Honey Badgers.  This was a ride and a cause my mom held near and dear to her heart - obviously for her own struggles but also for many friends affected.  She would want us to continue the fight against cancer...sooo...we all signed up again today for the 2014 ride!!!

There will be a celebration of life for Mom held at the Calgary Winter Club on September 4th at 2pm.  Mom wanted a party - so a party it will be.  Please dress in Hawaiian garb - yes it's true - mom loved Hawaii!!

Last years ride!

 Mom's story of courage and determination made the front page of the Calgary Herald yesterday!

I stopped at this store in Turner Valley to buy a sunflower - unfortunately they were sold out!!!  

 Boomer in his Honey Badger shirt at the finish line
218kms for MOM!!!


  1. Way to go guys!!! Your mom would be so proud! (Of course!!) thanks for the update on the ride!!! I am sure I am not the only one who had you all on my mind all weekend!!!

    Love the pictures!!!


  2. Such a gift and thank you SO MUCH Kelli for including and sharing the incredible outcome of the ride this weekend and without question she was with each of you every peddle of the way and she always will be. I know there will be many, many grateful people who share my sentiment of gratitude, for including us in your journey not only this weekend but how you and your family have opened your hearts and been so caring, loving and giving as your mom so proudly shared in her journey with all of us.

    Strength, Hope, Empowered, Resilient, Loyal, Outstanding, Courageous, Knowing - the SHERLOCK's, an inspiring family!!!!

  3. Thank you for the update. What an incredible family your mom created. She mom was, indeed, with you.

  4. Sorry, that should be "Your mom"....

  5. Kelli, thank you for allowing us to share in this journey with you all. The courage and determination of the Honey Badgers this weekend is truly inspirational; there is no doubt your mom was with you every step of the ride. Leslie believed in making a difference and she would have been incredibly proud of each and every one of you knowing that is exactly what you did.


  6. WOW!!! You "kids" are truly AMAZING!!

  7. Kelli - thanks so much for sharing this leg of the "journey" with us. I do hope everyone reads this blog. YOU, YOUR FAMILY and LESLIE have been an inspiration to everyone. Mom would have been so proud of all of you all!! Kelli, I Know that your mom will live on forever in your spirit and your actions. You are so much like her and I know how proud she was of you. Whenever she spoke about you or Geoff her face would light up. She thought it was amazing that she had such wonderful kids and wasn't sure how she came to be so lucky! There will be many tough days ahead in the weeks, months and years to follow Leslie's passing, but I know she will always be with you guys. We all loved her and will never, ever forget her. Thank you Kelli. You are AWESOME!

  8. Also - anyone who does not dress Hawaiian for Leslie's Celebration will not be awarded any House points - and you can be sure she will be keeping an accurate count :)

    1. Good one Bernice!! She certainly would have!!!

  9. Thank you, Bill, Kelli, Geoff, Lindsey and both Kevins (Leslie's Dad and brother) for giving us such a fantastic window into your amazing family. Leslie was one of a kind and will never ever be forgotten. This blog, this update, the photos, this everything is a testament to the incredible power and value of love, light, life and laughter. Thank you so much - if anybody is feeling blue, they need to read this blog from top to bottom for the amazing human spirit that Leslie and all of you exude. Thank you for sharing, with much love and condolences,
    Marj Aucoin

  10. Thank you for the update Kelli! I don't know you but I knew your mom - she was my gym teacher at Ranchlands Elementary and my grandparents and dad know your grandparents :)
    I have read Mrs Sherlock's blog every day since she started it, and I really miss her even if all I did was read her blog. When I have a tough day or challenge in my life I go back and read some of Mrs Sherlock's past entries for a little pick me up (and usually a laugh as well). I am continuously reminding myself of the 3 P's! (or updated 4 P's).
    I read the article in the Herald on Saturday and I was so glad that your entire family has been recognized publicly for your amazing spirit and determination. I think it is so awesome that you all did the ride - the Honey Badgers are an impressive team! You are all an inspiration!
    I remember a while ago someone commented on the blog and said that it would be a good idea to put the entire thing into a book - I may as well put it out there that I think that's a great idea!
    You are all in my prayers as you go through the loss of such an amazing and inspiring person! Love and hugs to all of the Sherlocks.
    Samantha Hibbert

  11. Marian Zazelenchuk13 August 2013 at 09:26

    To Kelli and family,
    You were great, all coming in at the same time. Leslie would have been so proud of you in accomplishing this race. All of you rode in like a force of strength and determination, just like your Mother.
    Remember all the wonderful memories your Mother has given you and treasure them dearly.
    My deepest sympathy go to you and your loved ones,

  12. Thank you for the update. Kelli, you and your family have been unbelievable in the support of your mom. What an incredible weekend you had! And...of course the sunflowers were sold out!!! Everyone would have wanted one as a tribute to Leslie. You and your family are truly amazing! Thanks again for sharing!


  13. Sherlock Family,
    Thanks for the update on the ride. Throughout that weekend I was thinking of all of you and knew it would be full of emotion and of course your Mom is proud of all of you!! It is quite incredible that you did the ride just days after the loss of a mom & wife. I was so excited to see the Herald print such an excellent article because for years, your Mom tried to get them out to Ranchlands to share the spirit of fundraising at one little school. Take comfort in the incredible amount of love that has surrounded your Mom and family as she went through this journey. She did conquer and so did all of you!! See you in Hawaiian Garb on the 4th!!!


  14. Kelli - I also want to express my thanks for your blog entry about the ride on the weekend. Just like everyone else you and your entire family and of course, Leslie, were in my thoughts all weekend. I knew she would be with you all for the entire ride giving everyone the encouragement and strength to make it to the end! Well done to you and all of the Honey Badgers - and so fantastic that you are all riding again next year! What a big commitment to make as I'm sure your sore muscles and fatigue were just setting in! It will be a fabulous celebration of your mom's incredible life and spirit on the 4th - I will be digging out my mumu (sp??).

  15. Kelli~So super stoked that you updated about the ride!!~and that you kicked it and conquered it!! We will definitely be cheering you on and donating to the Honey Badgers next year again!! The article in the paper was tremendous!! Missing your Mom, and thinking about a lot of memories these days, in the spirit of love and celebration~your Mom had such an incredible impact on my life at every age and stage of it~Love and Blessings to you and your beautiful family, and looking forward to seeing you on the 4th!!